Taiwan shows a local version of the Switchblade loitering munition

TAIPEI ($1=31.26 Taiwan New Dollar) — Taiwan begins arming itself with loitering munitions. In October, local manufacturer JC Tech is expected to sign its first contract with the Taiwanese military. JC Tech has developed the Flyingfish drone, the Taiwanese version of the US-made Switchblade.

Taiwan shows a local version of the Switchblade loitering munition
Photo credit: CNA

BulgarianMilitary.com recalls that the US government supplied the Ukrainian army with Switchblade 300 and Switchblade 600. According to Ukrainian intelligence, they perform well against Russian troops.

The Taiwanese Flyingfish will be developed in three versions differing in size. The medium-sized one will be called the Flyingfish 200. The payload it will be able to carry is approximately 10-12 grenades or about 500 grams. When fully loaded with explosive materials, the drone weighs just over 2 kg. Its length is 1.15 meters.

To help Coast Guard

Robert Cheng, the president of JC Tech says that Switchblade inspired him and his team to develop Flyingfish. “Our drone is a single-rotor drone designed for the Coast Guard,” says Cheng. According to him, Taiwan should build a fleet of Flyingfish drones that can cut down important and key enemy weapons at an early stage of hostilities. “Flyingfish will strengthen the nation’s defense,” added Cheng.

The new Taiwanese drone will help not only the coast guard but also the ground forces. With its help, guns, anti-ship missiles, and tanks will be able to be directed to hit targets. This is possible thanks to built-in GPS, artificial intelligence, and several types of cameras.

The principle of operation of the Flyingfish is simple – identify the target and detonate the payload by self-detonating at the target. The current low price of the drone is impressive – $3,000. This makes this loitering munition much cheaper than a cruise missile for example, or other combat drones. “Using Flyingfish in large quantities makes it cost-effective and highly effective,” concludes Cheng.

According to him, the approach of the enemy is a signal for the start of asymmetric warfare, and this makes the Flyingfish “a great weapon”. Last but not least, the Taiwanese drone is easily portable and easy to deploy. This makes it a highly versatile weapon.


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