Russian subs fire P-700/P-800 at a fake ship on Northern Sea Route

MOSCOW ($1=60.50 Russian Rubles) — The Russian Navy has conducted an exercise to launch two cruise missiles. Last Friday [September 16], the submarines Omsk and Novosibirsk hit a sea target. The target was a target imitating a warship. The missiles used were P-700 Granit and P-800 Oniks. The information was officially confirmed by the Ministry of Defense.

Russian subs fire P-700/P-800 at a fake ship on Northern Sea Route
Photo credit: Izvestia

The press release from the ministry also states that the training shootings took place in the area of ​​the Chukchi Sea. This area is also known as the North Sea Route.

The two cruise missiles have different maximum ranges. The P-700 Granit has a maximum operational range of 625 km. However, the target that this missile hit was 400 km away. The P-800 Oniks can reach a maximum operational range of up to 800 km. During the exercise in the Chukchi Sea, this missile also hit the target at 300 km. Both missiles have a maximum flight speed of up to Mach 3. In parallel with this exercise, the Russian Bastion cruise missile system also fired a P-800 Oniks, hitting a hypothetical target at a distance of 300 km.

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P-700 Granit cruise missile, photo credit: Wikipedia

The Ministry of Defense says the submarines passed under all the ice in the area and surfaced in the designated firing zone. Russian experts say that such exercises prepare the Russian Navy to defend the eastern flank of the northern sea route to the Pacific Ocean.

Both missiles used to use a Soviet-era design. Both rockets have undergone dozens of upgrades over the past decades. The P-700 and P-800 can be powered by twin ramjet engines.

Those missiles are nuclear

There is a difference in the warheads used. It is assumed that the P-800 Oniks is more dangerous and can cause more destruction. Its warhead is highly explosive, but this missile can carry a thermonuclear warhead. This type of warhead is the second generation of nuclear weapons. The warhead of the P-700 Granit, in addition to a high-explosive warhead, can carry a nuclear warhead.

The use of tactical weapons with chemical and nuclear warheads has come to the fore in recent weeks. Against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine, US President Joe Biden threatened Russia that if it uses such a weapon, Russia will face serious consequences.

In response to the American warning, Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov gave a terse reply to Russian journalists. “Read Russia’s nuclear doctrine carefully. Everything is written there,” he said.


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