Russian S-400 shot down Russian Su-35 fighter in July – Forbes

WASHINGTON — There have been at least three documented cases of Russian Su-35 fighter jets being downed over Ukraine since July. At that time, fierce fighting was taking place around and above the town of Nova Kakhovka. It is located in southern Ukraine. The Air Force of Ukraine claimed responsibility for all three downed Su-35s from Russia’s inventory.


However, David Hambling, who writes regularly for Forbes and follows the war in Ukraine, expresses his doubts. According to him, it is quite possible that the Russians themselves shot down their fighter. Doubts expressed to Hambling stemmed from the time and location of the downed plane. As we said, at this time the fighting is fierce and fierce, non-stop.

According to Hambling, Russia has serious problems with the system of recognizing which weapon system belongs to Russia and which does not. The so-called Friend-or-Foe [IFF] system. Modern weapon systems have IFF, regardless of whether they are developed “from the west or the east”. Another question is which system and how effective it is. I.e. another fighter in the inventory of the Russian Air Force may quite logically have shot down its counterpart.

Hambling goes even further, suggesting that the S-400 in the inventory of the Russian air defense forces “was also involved” in the downing of the fighter. According to Hambling, at the same time, S-400 operators attempted to shoot down a launched missile from the HIMARS system. However, they inadvertently intercepted the Russian fighter, due to the incorrect reading of the enemy by the Friend-or-Foe system. Thus, a missile fired from the S-400 shot down the Russian fighter Su-35.

Ukrainian MiG-29 shot down a Russian Su-35 Flanker-E fighter jet
Photo: Twitter

Hambling commented on such a possibility as “good news” for Moscow and the regime in Russia. This incident with “greatest pleasure” will be attributed to the Ukrainians, hiding the fact that the Russian troops shot down the Russian fighter, says the Forbes associate. According to him, sooner or later, “it will take time” until we learn the facts. recalls that before the start of the war, Russia had intentions to sell Su-35 to Indonesia and Algeria. Although both countries found justification to refuse the order [possible economic sanctions from the US], the three downed fighters, and the possible IFF problems would be more than a good reason to support the decision of both countries. recalls that just a few days ago the Air Force Command of UA Armed Forces stated that Ukrainian air defense batteries managed to shoot down a Su-24 bomber in the outskirts of Southern Odesa.


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