Russia tests Chukavin SVCh sniper rifle in Ukraine via Spetsnaz

MOSCOW ($1=59.63 Russian Rubles) — The latest Chukavin SVCh sniper rifle developed by the Kalashnikov concern is being tested in Ukraine. A source of the military-industrial complex stated this to the Russian media RIA Novosti. According to the source, a batch [unnamed quantity] of the Chukavin sniper rifle was delivered to the Russian special forces operating in Ukraine – Spetsnaz.

Russia tests Chukavin SVCh sniper rifle in Ukraine via Spetsnaz
Photo credit: Aleksey Nikolskyi

The main purpose is to test the rifle in actual combat. The first reviews are positive, the source told RIA Novosti. The rifles are tested with a 7.62x54mm caliber cartridge. This is a Russian standard. Chukavin SVCh can be adapted to fire NATO standard – 7.62x51mm.

Kalashnikov describes its rifle as “a new generation of long-range rifles.” According to the requirements, the Chukavin SVCh should fire the first round, hitting a target at a distance of 1 km. The sniper rifle weighs up to 4.5 kg with a magazine capacity of 10 rounds in total. Chukavin SVCh is 1.15 meters long.

Nearly six years ago, Kalashnikov designed the SVK-2016 sniper rifle. It is this design that forms the basis of the Chukavin SVCh. Currently, the Russian army and special forces of the Russian army [Spetsnaz] operate a sniper rifle from the 1960s – the SVD T-5000. In the coming years, according to the plans of the Russian Ministry of Defense, it is the Chukavin SVCh that should replace the outdated Russian sniper rifles.

Kalashnikov claims that the recoil of the rifle is significantly reduced. This is achieved by “single plane design”, ie. the box, receiver, and barrel are in one line. Kalashnikov developed the rifle based on the requirements of the soldiers of the Russian army, FSB, and law enforcement agencies in Russia.

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SVLK-14C Twilight in Ukraine

RIA Novosti claims that nearly a month ago, the Russian military used an SVLK-14C Twilight sniper rifle in the Donbas region. According to the British publication Daily Mail, it is the “longest-range and deadliest” sniper rifle in the world. The world record for the long range was set precisely with the SVLK-14C Twilight – 4,210 meters in 2017.

The maximum effective distance is more than 2.5 km. The rifle accelerates its bullet to 900 m/s [almost three times the speed of sound]. Its weight is 9.7 kg. It can be used in a temperature range from – 35 to + 55 degrees Celsius. There is no magazine and it is manually loaded. The barrel box is made of aircraft-grade aluminum with a high-alloy stainless steel thread insert.


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