Turkish TF-6000 engine will power Kizilelma UCAV up to Mach 2 speed

ANKARA ($1=18.24 Turkish Liras) — The Turkish stealth drone Kizilelma [Red Apple in English], version B [MIUS-B] will fly with a cruise speed of Mach 2. This was announced today by the company Baykar Tech, which develops the entire series of Bayraktar drones. The information was also shared by the TurkishFacts4u Twitter account.

Turkish TF-6000 engine will power Kizilelma UCAV up to Mach 2 speed
Photo credit: Twitter

The engine was expected to be a joint production between Ukraine and Turkey. However, Baykar Tech has announced that the engine will be the TF-6000. It is a locally produced engine from the Turkish company Tusas Engine Industries, or TEI. TEI is a Turkish company specializing in the development of engines for the civil and military aviation and aerospace industries.

About TF-6000 engine

The TF-6000 is Turkey’s first self-developed turbofan engine. The engine was officially unveiled in the middle of this year. Most recently, TEI announced that it is starting its production.

Turkish TF-6000 engine will power Kizilelma UCAV up to Mach 2 speed
Photo credit: YouTube

The TF-6000 will generate a maximum thrust of 6000 lb. TEI says that along with the afterburner, the engine will be able to generate 10,000 pounds of thrust, thus reaching the power level for supersonic flight.

The TF-6000 has been in development for nearly a year and can be used to power a variety of platforms. These include unmanned aerial vehicles, planes, and ships, the company says. Future versions of the TF-6000 will depend on the platform it will need to drive and the technical requirements of the project.

About Kizilelma UCAV

BulgarianMilitary.com recalls that at the beginning of September, Baykar Tech presented the second prototype of its Kizilelma supersonic stealth drone. At the time, it was speculated that the Ukrainian Ivchenko engine would power the UAV. Bayraktar Kizilelma is a jet supersonic stealth airborne UAV. The drone is developed under the MIUS [Muharip İnsansız Uçak Sistemi or Unmanned Combat Aircraft System or UCAS in English] project. The new UAV was presented on August 4, 2021. A year after the Bayraktar Kizilelma reached the prototype stage.

This is reaching 900 km/h stealth Kizilelma that Russia fears
Photo credit: Twitter

Kizilelma reaches 900 kilometers per hour, can carry 1,500 kilograms of missiles and bombs, flies at an altitude of 12,000 meters, is autonomous, receives missions under human control, and is designed to be invisible. This innovation can land and take off by itself. It also can perform such actions on short tracks. Kizilelma offers a low RCS supersonic fuselage and is equipped with an AESA radar for detection and guidance systems.

The drone has attached control canards for greater maneuverability or for better control of the main wing’s airflow. Thus, internal compartments will allow you to work in contested environments while maintaining low visibility. According to the Turkish manufacturer, the first test flights of the drone will take place in 2023.


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