Russia offers cash for the capture of a specific robot in Ukraine

MOSCOW ($1=62.48 Russian Rubles) — $16,000 or the annual monthly salary of a Russian soldier is given as a reward. To get them, anyone has to capture in near “excellent condition” works that are used in the war in Ukraine. The robot is called ThEMIS, and the prize is provided by a Moscow-based think tank closely linked to Russia’s defense industry.

Russia offers cash for the capture of a specific robot in Ukraine
Photo credit: Business Wire

“Russia is lagging behind,” Ruslan Pukhov, director of the Moscow-based Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies [CAST], told Insider. This statement speaks about the use of robotic means in warfare and their increasing importance. Pukhov hopes to get more information if this robotic vehicle is captured. Although it is a basic model, it will help Russian developments, says Pukhov.

ThEMIS is an Estonian robot, a vehicle that transports cargo and wounded on the battlefield. The creator of ThEMIS confirmed to the British publication Jane’s that a vehicle has been delivered to Ukraine. It is the basic model of the concept.

Estonian company Milrem Robotics is developing ThEMIS. In addition to a transport version, ThEMIS can be weaponized and transformed into a robotic combat vehicle. Currently, France, Germany, and the US have at least one ThEMIS robotic vehicle in their inventory. Milrem Robotics has not supplied the combat version to Ukraine, although it did not deny that this would happen in the future.

The $16,000 prize money is more than a Russian soldier’s annual salary. U.S. sources say a soldier on a three-year military service contract earns just over $13,000 a year. That’s not how the Russian army conscripts are paid – they get about $25 a month.

Russian drones in Ukraine

According to Ukrainian intelligence, Russia has so far lost just over 800 robotic assets in the war. A very large number of them are unmanned aerial vehicles, and one of the most frequently shot-down Russian drones is the Orlan-10. Precisely for this reason, Russia was forced to start supplying drones from Iran. The desire of the Russian military leadership to “acquire by capture” ThEMIS is completely understandable, against the background of the exported data.


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