Poland’s Vice-Minister of Defense expects war with Russia

WARSAW ($1=4.72 Polish Zlotys) — Marcin Ociepa, the Polish Vice-Minister of National Defense does not exclude the possibility of war between Poland and Russia. According to his words, this war could happen in the next three to ten years. “There is a serious risk of war with Russia in the next three to ten years,” as Deputy Defense Prime Minister Marcin Ociepa revealed in an interview with local newspaper Dziennik Gazeta, published yesterday, September 7.

Korea, Poland to make K2PL tanks based on 120mm Black Panther
Photo credit: Creative Commons

Poland is ready to face this threat, Ociepa said, stressing that his country will have the largest ground army in Europe. Poland increased money for its army. From 2023, 3% of Poland’s GDP will be allocated to defense. This year, this money is 2.12% of GDP.

Mariusz Blaszczak, Poland’s defense minister, has already announced that 120 billion euros will be spent in the coming years. They will be spent on a full-scale modernization of the Polish army.

These processes have already begun. 250 Abrams battle tanks ordered by Poland to the US. F-35 fighters already for Poland are already being produced at Lockheed Martin production plants. Poland placed an order for 48 FA-50 aircraft and K2 tanks from South Korea. A memorandum has been signed between the two countries for the production and delivery of at least another 600 tanks to Poland. Leonardo helicopters, trainer aircraft, frigates, and Patriot missile batteries are in production or delivery. Poland ordered hundreds of self-propelled artillery and guns.

Poland buys M72 EC Mk1 RPG that 'erase' Russian tanks in Ukraine
Photo credit: Military Leak

Blaszczak said in one of his last interviews with Polish media that “this is the only way to respond to Russia’s barbarism“, referring to the Russian army’s invasion of Ukraine in February this year.

Now, in the words of Deputy Minister Ociepa, facing the “serious risk” of war in “the next three to ten years,” Poland must “use this time to rearm as much as possible.” The politician specified that in the short term the plans are in their next military budget to reach 20 billion euros.

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute [Sipri] estimates that in the last year [2021] Poland spent just over 13.8 billion euros on its defense.


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