Japan builds Aegis Ashore destroyer as big as an aircraft carrier

TOKYO ($1=143.97 Japanese Yens) — Japan plans to invest $7.1 billion in Aegis Ashore, the size of an aircraft carrier. It will be a specialized destroyer. In this way, Japan hopes to upgrade the combat capability of its air defenses.

Japan builds Aegis Ashore destroyer as big as an aircraft carrier
Photo credit: Wikimedia

The news was announced by the Japanese Minister of Defense, writes Asia Times. Japan sees China and North Korea’s hypersonic missiles as a threat. BulgarianMilitary.com recalls that in 2020, Japan decided to eliminate the ground version of the air defense system.

According to the plans of the Japanese Ministry of Defense, up to two Aegis Ashore destroyers are to be built. The first should be completed in 2024, writes Asia Times. The Asian online publication claims that Japan envisions each one to be commensurate with the size of a standard aircraft carrier. This means a ship of at least 20,000 tons, a stern of at least 210 meters, and a beam of about 40 meters.

Currently, the largest Japanese ships are two – the helicopter carrier Izumo and the destroyer Maua. If the planned new destroyers are built, writes Asia Times, they will become the largest warships in the inventory of the Japanese Navy. Last but not least, Japan’s new destroyer will also be larger than China’s current largest ship, the Type 55.

Other upgrades

The Japanese Ministry of Defense is planning other upgrades as well. For example, the anti-missile defense of the country. According to sources, the main objective is to acquire Japan’s ability to intercept hypersonic missiles. The first steps Japan’s defense ministry plans to take our new radars and more early warning planes in the air. Japan will also build more interceptor missiles, the ministry report says.

Japan has an integrated two-tier missile defense structure. It includes Aegis warships to intercept ballistic missiles. The second part of Japan’s defense is the American Patriot PAC-3 missile systems. The Patriot PAC-3 must deal with missiles during their re-entry phase.

Offensive capabilities

Last but not least, Japan is thinking about its offensive capabilities. In this regard, Tokyo announced at the end of August that the country will invest in the construction of attack missiles. They will have to hit China and Russia if necessary.

Also to deter China and Russia, Japan plans to develop and mass-produce a cruise, high-speed ballistic missile.


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