Russian Borei and Ash subs get rubber anti-sonar-noise coating

MOSCOW ($1=61.28 Russian Rubles) — Russia announced that it will integrate a new coating on its submarine fleet. The first two submarines to receive it are the Borei-class and Yassen-class submarines. The new coating, the Russians claim, will make Russian submarines silent [undetectable].

Top 5 best submarines in the world - Yasen class, Russia
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The Ministry of Defense has already approved a timetable for the integration of the coverage. The information comes from “a source of the Russian media Izvestia who works in the Ministry of Defense”. recalls that, at the moment, submarines of both classes continue to be built. The Borei-class submarines are supposed to be cruise missile carriers, similar to the US Ohio-class submarines. The same goes for the Yassen-class submarines. Both classes of submarines are nuclear-powered.

The new coating

The new coating will be a special rubber, says the former commander of the submarine missile carrier Igor Kurdin. It is called “Medusa rubber”. Medusa’s first function is to shield sound inside submarines ie. sound deadening. The second function will be to significantly reduce the reflection of enemy sonars. Igor Kurdin is not surprised by the Russian Ministry’s decision that Yassen and Borei class submarines will be the first to receive the new coating. “The most valuable Russian submarines will have to be first equipped,” he told an Izvestia reporter.

The future of the Russian submarine fleet

Photo credit: TASS

Borei-class Yassen-class submarines are the future of the submarine fleet. The 955 Borei and 955A Borei-A are currently being built in Russia. Experts say they will be the main forces in Russia’s nuclear fleet. Each submarine will carry 16 R-30 Bulava intercontinental ballistic missiles. Each R-30 Bulava missile is equipped with several warheads.

Yassen-class submarines are currently being built according to a new project – Yassen-M, which is a modernization. These submarines will fire a variety of cruise missiles. In this way, they will be able to counter other naval, coastal, or land targets of the enemy. It is said that precisely these submarines of this class will be carriers of the hypersonic Zircon missile.

Why is the new sub coating important?

The commander of the 31st submarine division of the Northern Fleet, Rear Admiral Stepan Kelbas, compared the participation of submarines in military operations to a game of cat and mouse. Each submarine searches for an enemy submarine.

Russia acquired Belgorod sub: carrier of 6 nuclear Poseidon torpedoes
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Kelbas says the main goal is to assess the condition of the submarine missile carriers as they carry at least 16 ballistic missiles. Although the Russian submarines will receive a new “stealth” coating, any impact on a rock, seabed, or another submarine can damage it, making it easily detectable. “Even if there is contact with an enemy submarine, we must restore the stealth as quickly as possible, using every opportunity: avoid suspicious areas, hide where possible, use ice blocks, biological noises of living creatures living in the coppice,” says Kelbas in front of Izvestia.


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