Russia began serial production of 120mm SPM for super cold temps

MOSCOW ($1=60.82 Russian Rubles) — The largest tank factory in Russia – UralVagonZavod has started serial production of new 120mm artillery. This is the Magnolia self-propelled mortar [SPM] system. Army Recognition cites Joseph P. Chacko in Frontier India as the source of this information.

Russia began serial production of 120mm SPM for super cold temps
Photo credit: Military Leak

The 120mm self-propelled mortar system underwent several successful tests in 2021. The tests were conducted at very low temperatures. Russian artillery troops in the Arctic and the Far North are expected to be the final recipient of the new mortar system, writes Army Recognition.

What do we know about Magnolia?

There is different information in open sources about this artillery system. A crew of four is said to operate the self-propelled mortar. The weight of the entire system is between 40 and 45 tons. Magnolia will be about 16 meters long, about three meters high, and about 4 meters wide.

The main mortar gun is 120mm. The system has a secondary armament for melee defense. I.e. the Russians additionally integrated a 7.62mm machine gun. The weight of the projectiles fired from the cannon weighs a little over 17 kg. Magnolia will be able to fire up to 10 projectiles per minute, with a maximum range of 10 km. Magnolia’s elevation range is – 5 to + 80 degrees, and the traverse range is 360 degrees.

A diesel engine with at least 800 horsepower will power the Russian artillery system. The engine is model YaMZ-847-10. The Magnolia will travel a maximum distance of 700 km on a single tank of fuel. The self-propelled mortar will be able to move [float] in water at a maximum of 5 km/h, while the road speed is 45 km/h.

More about Magnolia

Russian sources say the new self-propelled mortar is suitable for both super-cold areas and areas with no roads.

The whole system consists of two modules. The first module [the one at the front] is an enclosed fire control booth. This part is the engine of the whole system. The rear part, in addition to the main gun, has compartments for ammunition.

Russia began serial production of 120mm SPM for super cold temps-magnolia
Photo credit: Top War

The warheads of the munitions used are HEAT, HE-FRAG, and smoke munitions. The main ammunition that will be used is the highly accurate ammunition Kitolov-2M. 80 mortar rounds are the maximum amount the system can carry.

Despite some impressive data, the cabin located in the first module is not heavily armored, but lightly armored. According to Russian sources, it is claimed that the entire self-propelled mortar system can pass and run over an anti-tank mine without detonating it. Magnolia moves seamlessly through snow, sand, mud, and swamps.


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