Turkish M60TM tanks get a domestic Volkan-M fire control system

ANKARA ($1=18.22 Turkish Liras) — Turkey intends to upgrade its M60TM main battle tanks. These tanks will receive an upgrade under the TİYK-M60T project. It is about all M60TM tanks in service in the Turkish army. Turkey currently operates 170 units of this tank. The modernization will be carried out by the Turkish company Aselsan. The contract with the Turkish government has already been signed.

Turkish M60TM tanks get a domestic Volkan-M fire control system
Photo credit: Reddit

One of the most important and major upgrades awaiting the M60TM is a new fire control system. The system is Volkan-M and was developed in Turkey entirely with Turkish components. Volkan-M is part of the Fırat M60T project, which specifically concerns Turkey’s main battle tanks.

Such modernization is necessary, as the tanks are operationally and technologically obsolete. Turkey relies on its next-generation Altay tank. Altay is currently undergoing various tests, and in mid-May, it tested the Korean Doosan DV27K engine. But until serial production of the Altay begins and the first units are produced, Turkey will have to rely on the M60T.

Light at the end of the tunnel for the Turkish Altay tank
Photo credit: Mesut Er

More about Volkan-M FCS

The Volkan-M system provides a simplified system architecture, effective day and night visibility, high first-shot hit probability, and fire control functions in stationary or mobile difficult combat, terrain and weather conditions to provide tanks with the highest level of ability to fire in combat conditions.

The Volkan-M was developed by Turkey because of economic sanctions imposed by the US after Ankara acquired the Russian S-400 air defense system. All this forced Ankara to “push” its military-technological and engineering potential at all levels, to develop weapons systems at the local level. Not only Volkan-M is a product of this policy.

Turkey has successfully developed drones that are proven in military operations. Began the development of its own engine for the Turkish Altay tank, and produced air-to-air and air-to-ground missiles to upgrade the Turkish fleet’s F-16 armament. Turkey has invested in and developed various air defense, coastal and naval systems, missiles, guided munitions, etc.

In addition to the Volkan-M, the Turkish tank M60T will receive a new communication system, and a new data management information system. It is planned that the tank will be equipped with additional armor.

The M60T upgrade project also includes the construction of a training tower for young tank cadets to train on. Funds are also provided for subsequent maintenance and repair of the main battle tank.


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