Spanish frigates to be armed with stealth NSM by Kongsberg

MADRID ($1=1.00 Euro) — The Norwegian NSM [Naval Strike Missile] will arm the Spanish F110 and F-100 frigates. This is claimed by the Spanish publication InfoDefensa. However, the Ministry of Defense of Spain has not confirmed the truth of the information at this time.

Spanish frigates to be armed with stealth NSM by Kongsberg
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The F-110 and F-100 frigates will receive the Norwegian naval missile at different times. While the F-110 is currently under construction, the F-100 is due to be upgraded to extend its service life by at least another two decades.

Although the Ministry of Defense does not confirm the acquisition, the Norwegian company’s website does. Along with Norway, Poland, Malaysia, Germany, the USA, Japan, Romania, Canada, and Australia, the Spanish flag appears in it. In this way, the Norwegian site shows the users of a specific weapon system.

The site also shows Spain in another category – JSM wickers. These missiles are designed to be launched from a fighter jet. More recently, it has emerged that Spain is one of the countries that the US believes could acquire its airborne flagship, the F-35 Lighting II.

The possible acquisition of NSM by Madrid became clear shortly before the summer. Then the Spanish Ministry of Defense notified the Norwegian company that it had finished selecting a naval missile. NSM was actually the chosen model.

Spanish frigates to be armed with stealth NSM by Kongsberg F-100 spanish frigate
Photo credit: Thai Military and Asian Region

What is NSM?

HSM is a stealth missile. Develops high subsonic speed. It weighs over 400 kg and is nearly 4 meters long. The range of the missile is 185 meters.

Kongsberg claims that their missile is highly resistant to modern air defense systems. It is equipped with passive sensors and a very low signature [stealth]. The missile is precise, can fly at low altitudes, and has high agility with selectable end-game flight profiles.

The NSM can autonomously recognize targets as well as engage targets close to the coast. The highly maneuverable missile is armed with Royal.

In addition to naval platforms, the missile can be launched from air platforms – helicopters and airplanes. A version for submarines is also currently being developed. Spain has a fault with Eurofighter fighters – therefore it can be integrated into them as well.


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