Complete Iranian replica of the Israeli SPIKE missile in Ukraine

WASHINGTON — A complete replica [copy] of the Israeli Spike anti-tank missile was made by the Iranians. This is what a Ukrainian report from the war in the country claims. It is about the Iranian Almas anti-tank missile, which is a complete copy of the Israeli Spike. Almas was introduced in 2021.

Complete Iranian replica of the Israeli SPIKE missile in Ukraine
Photo credit: Mehr

Various reports claim that Russia has already bought Iran’s Mohajer-6 drones. Other reports say that Moscow is hesitant and undecided about its purchase. However, the Mohajer-6 is armed with anti-tank missiles, guided aerial bombs, and a fire-and-forget surface-to-surface missile.

The information about the Almas missile comes from high-quality reconnaissance photos under the wing of the Mohajer-6. The 1945 site claims the photos were taken just a few days ago. According to available official information from the Iranian authorities, the range of Almas is 8000 meters. The missile has a high-tech homing warhead, Iranian sources say.

Russia is interested in Spike

Russia is interested in Israel’s Spike missile. The interest comes from the fact that this is probably the best anti-tank missile in the world, which is a threat to Russian tanks. Spike is one of the best-selling racquets in its class and is heavily advertised around the world. The Israeli company Raphael even opened production in Europe to meet the needs of the European market.

Spain buys Spike LRII MWS with tandem HEAT that pierces 20 cm RC
Photo credit: Defense Brief

For its part, the closest Moscow can get to Spike is precisely the Iranian Almas missile. However, Almas is not the original, which in recent years has undergone dozens of modifications, changed its technology, and increased its range and its astonishing efficiency.

It is for this reason that Russia is said to have already purchased the Mohajer-6 drone. Intelligence photos prove that just recently a Russian delegation visited Iran’s Kashan airport twice. Besides the Mohajer-6, Russia is also interested in the Shahed-129 and Shahed-191 drones.

Iranian drones and Russia

Russia dropped hundreds of drones into the war in Ukraine. However, the most advertised Russian Orlan-10 drone is not proving to be as successful as initially claimed in Moscow.

Iran finds a market precisely in Russia. The government in Tehran and the country are under economic sanctions from many countries around the world. There is a lack of fresh investments and fresh technological developments. The war in Ukraine is one possible outcome for Iran, as Russia needs drones.

Iran continues to arm its forces - IRGC will receive Fotros strategic UAVs
Photo credit: Twitter

Experts say that the war in Ukraine is becoming a priority for Iran, which will try to monopolize the drone market from the Russian side. Therefore, upgrading his Mohajer-6 drone to become a more advanced weapon would make sense. The same goes for the Almas anti-tank missile.

Is Ukraine’s report true?

At the moment, no service in the world [except the Ukrainian intelligence service] has confirmed the report coming from Kyiv.

However, experts note that the report does not play a significant role in the actual development of Iranian drones. They argue that anyway, Iranian development in this area is a fact and Tehran will try to expand it.

In addition, analysts believe that the Russia-Ukraine war will play a significant role in Iran’s dependence on drone production. This dependence will continue and Iran is expected to produce increasingly successful aerial drones, albeit at a slow pace.


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