Spain: Ukraine needs 105mm Centauro and 40mm Pizarro light tanks

MADRID ($1=1.00 Euro) — Enrique Navarro, a Spanish journalist, wrote in his article for InfoDefensa a devastating commentary on the wrong decisions made by Spain regarding military aid to Ukraine. According to Navarro, the Spanish government, and not only it, allowed Ukraine to receive weapons that could not cope with Russian aggression.

Spain: Ukraine needs 105mm Centauro and 40mm Pizarro light tanks
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“Long periods of peace necessarily lead to a lack of training, little investment in maintenance, and a constant demilitarization of society. For this reason, whenever a problem or event threatens our security, we quickly look the other way, hoping it will clear up. However, what happened in Ukraine exceeded all expectations of a conflict for Europe and especially for Spain, and all those phenomena associated with long periods without wars bring to the surface with unusual brutality many of the hidden vices of our security system” begins his analysis, Navarro.

Three basic mistakes

According to him, three main mistakes have been made regarding military aid to Ukraine:

First: “The lack of modern inventory, especially weapons and ammunition, the need to preserve the military reserve, as well as the lack of consolidation of European industry and equipment, make Zelensky’s army the army of “Pancho Villa” with equipment from different countries, different generations of technologies that are poorly interoperable and make logistics more expensive for a country that is under constant bombardment by the Russian air and naval forces.”

Spain sends retired Aspide SAMs Mach 4 and Leopard 2A4s to Ukraine
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Second: “The deteriorating condition of much of the equipment of our army [the Spanish army – ed.] makes it impossible for us to have operational surpluses to send out unless we resort to the most combat-ready and modern equipment. Pretending to put into service old BMRs without any armor intended for peaceful operations, combat capacity is a terrible resource Delivery of Leopard 2A4s produced in the eighties and leased by Spain for the sole purpose of using the subsequent purchase of the Leopard 2E, and for which there was never an adequate budget.”

Third: “The West has forced Ukraine, with its self-imposed material limitations, into a kind of military campaign that is not best suited to its interests. Since the airspace is completely monopolized by Russian aviation, the attempt to equip Ukraine with heavy equipment is a gross mistake; every tank, column, missile battery is an easy target for Russia.”

What should Ukraine get?

To this question, Enrique Navarro proceeds from the fact that apparently, the West has no desire to supply modern aviation to the Ukrainian Air Force. In this regard, says Navarro, the strategy of the land must be rethought.

According to Navarro, the Russians should be “summoned”, i.e. “if Ukraine cannot get operational combat aviation and similar and interoperable technologies in terms of command and control systems, communications, missiles, and self-defense systems, which means an increase in risks for Russian aviation, it should completely change its strategy to smaller, more agile, with scorched-earth tactics, allowing Russian troops to penetrate deeper and strike supply lines,” Navarro added.

Spain: Ukraine needs 105mm Centauro and 40mm Pizarro light tanks
Photo credit: Wikipedia

Spain can send its GE-36 rifles and all light weapons, 105 mm Light Gun, 81 mm Deimos mortars, and C-90 systems; towed 155/52 howitzers would also be crucial with their heavy firepower, as seen in the Colombian conflict, Navarro says.

In a stabilization phase and with Ukrainians recovering positions, the Centauro with their 105mm guns or the Pizarro with their 40mm guns or engineer vehicles would be ideal to equip cavalry and infantry units. Ukraine must first have pinned the Russians to much more advanced lines than they currently have, away from their supply lines, which would have to be pounded mercilessly by Ukrainian resistance. To resist city by city on every kilometer of the territory is a terrible decision.


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