Buggy groups with MILAN anti-tank missiles were created in Ukraine

KYIV ($1=36.91 Ukrainian Hryvnias) — Defenders of Ukraine created mobile fire groups with French anti-tank systems. For the mobility of fire groups, the fighters installed the ATGM on a small light off-road vehicle for off-road driving.

Mobile groups with MILAN anti-tank missiles were created in Ukraine
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ATGM fire groups must quickly survey the target and move. The military chose the French MILAN anti-tank systems to install on their buggies. ATGM MILAN is the main short-range European anti-tank weapon in service with 40 armies around the world.

The Ukrainian military notes that the ATGM weighs 45 kilograms. After pressing the trigger, the launch motor located in the tube sets the rocket in motion.

During exit from the barrel, the stabilizers of the rocket open. After moving to a safe distance for the operator [about 3 m], the main engine of the rocket, the charge of which is enough for 11 seconds, accelerates it to 200 m/s and directs the flight to the target.

Modernization of MILAN

According to the modernization program of the MILAN ATGM, adopted in 1974, the following basic requirements were set: increasing the effectiveness of the combat part of the missile; increasing jamming protection of the targeting system; ensuring the compatibility of the improved missile with the launcher and the thermal sight without their modification; keeping the previous scope of action.

As a result, samples of improved missiles were created, which received the designation MILAN-2, which was also received by the Ukrainian military.

The effectiveness of the warhead of the K-115 missile to the MILAN-2 was significantly increased by increasing its diameter from 103 to 115 mm and increasing the distance of the warhead from the obstacle. The practical use of MILAN-2 ATGM missiles showed that they have the additional striking capability through unburnt fuel.

Germany offers Ukraine Marder IFVs + Milan ATGM and 155mm PzH-2000
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