US sends BGM-71 TOWs to Ukraine – 900mm armor-piercing ATGMs

WASHINGTON — The Defense Forces of Ukraine will be armed with American BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missile systems. These weapons will help the Ukrainians destroy Russian armored vehicles.

US sends BGM-71 TOWs to Ukraine - 900mm armor-piercing ATGMs
Photo credit: YouTube

The anti-tank systems were included in a new package of US military support worth up to $775 million, the Pentagon announced on August 19.

United States President Joe Biden is authorizing additional aid to Ukraine, using his presidential authority to transfer excess weapons from the US stockpile. The authorization is the nineteenth withdrawal of equipment by the Biden administration from the US military stockpile for Ukraine since August 2021.

About BGM-71 TOW

The American BGM-71 TOW heavy anti-tank missile system is one of the main ATGMs in the US military. It belongs to the second generation and is one of the most widespread anti-tank missile systems in the world, it is in service in more than 40 countries around the world.

The complex in its first version was adopted by the US Army in 1970. After that, it was repeatedly modernized and the US Army continues to use it. The guidance of the guided anti-tank missile is a command, semi-automatic, the control is carried out by the operator, through a wire connection.

For example, the TOW-2A guided missile has a tandem cumulative part that is capable of penetrating up to 900 mm of armor behind the dynamic protection of main battle tanks. In the modern version, the ATGM has a sighting kit that combines a thermal sight and a laser range finder.

TOW as an infantry weapon

The TOW is used as an infantry weapon, as well as part of the armament of the Bradley infantry fighting vehicle and other equipment and self-propelled anti-tank installations. The total weight of the entire complex is 93 kg. The distance to hit the target is up to 4 km. The complex has proven itself well during military operations in various military conflicts.

US sends BGM-71 TOWs to Ukraine - 900mm armor-piercing ATGMs
Photo credit: Reuters


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