Bulgarian M60CMA 60mm mortars appeared in the Ukrainian army

KYIV ($1=36.79 Ukrainian Hryvnias) — Bulgarian M60CMA 60mm mortars appeared in the Ukrainian army. Analysts from Ukraine Weapons Tracker have released video footage of the use of these mortars in Ukraine. Products in the form of M60CMA mortars are offered by the Bulgarian joint-stock company “Arsenal”, which is based in the city of Kazanlak. It is one of the oldest arms suppliers in Bulgaria.

The 60-mm Commando M60CMA mortar is designed to engage enemy manpower in open terrain, in light field shelters and trenches, as well as in counterscarps [an artificially cut edge of a slope or river bank at a high angle of at least 2- 2, 5 m – row.].

The reliable and lightweight mortar meets the highest tactical and logistical requirements: it can be carried by one soldier and has high firepower and accuracy, speed, and ease of operation. The mortar is suitable for special tasks, especially in difficult terrain.

Bulgarian M60CMA 60mm mortars appeared in the Ukrainian army
Twitter screenshot

The M60CMA weighs 5.7 kilograms and has a rate of fire of 30 rounds per minute. AO “Arsenal” claims that this mortar has a maximum firing range of 1,600 meters. This mortar can fire all types of 60mm mortar ammunition: 60mm HE 60MA, HE60LDMA, PRACT 60MA, PRACT 60LDMA, SMK60RP, SMK60WP, TB60, ILL60.

In a video released by Ukraine, fighters use Bulgarian HE 60MA mines, which are made of cast iron with spherical graphite. The HE 60MA mortar shell is designed to achieve the best fragmentation effects and high explosive action. The projectile is used to combat enemy manpower as well as unarmored vehicles.

Bulspike appears too

This is not the first Bulgarian-made weapon that appears in the hands of the Ukrainian armed forces. Just a few days ago, the single-use BULSPIKE anti-tank missile was also documented to be in service with the Ukrainian armed forces. BULSPIKE is produced by two Bulgarian companies – VMZ Sopot and Opticoelectron Panagyurishte.

Bulgarian M60CMA 60mm mortars appeared in the Ukrainian army
Photo credit: Twitter

The same source claims that an unknown amount was purchased from Bulgaria and delivered to the Ukrainian army a couple of months ago.


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