Russia fears new attacks in Crimea and moves its aircraft

MOSCOW ($1=59.42 Russian Rubles) — Following the recent events in Crimea, the Russian Air Force is urgently moving its aircraft and helicopters deep into the Crimean peninsula and to Russian airfields. This was announced by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

MiG-31K with installed Kinzhal hypersonic missile lands in Kaliningrad
Photo credit: Wikipedia

According to intelligence data, the Russians are currently conducting measures to partially transfer aviation equipment from advanced airfields in the temporarily occupied Crimea to reserve airfields permanently based on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Ukrainian intelligence emphasized that such activity was noticed after a series of explosions at military infrastructure sites in Crimea, including at Saka [August 9] and Gvardiysko [August 16] airfields. At least 24 planes and 14 helicopters are reported to have flown over this. monitors Russian activity. On August 11, five Su-27/30 aircraft from the 38th Fighter Aviation Regiment [Belbek] and five Su-34 aircraft from the 559th Bomber Aviation Regiment [Morozovsk] were transferred to Gvardiysko Airport.

On August 17, the flight of helicopters was marked: three KA-27 units of the 318th separate mixed aviation regiment [Kacha] of the Black Sea Fleet in Chersonese, three KA-27 units of the 318 OZmAP to Sevastopol, and eight helicopters to Krasnodar.

Russia acquired new Su-34Ms with rear-hemisphere scanning radar
Photo credit: Global Look Press

On August 17, a flight of aircraft from Belbek Airport to airports located on the territory of the Russian Federation was noted as follows: three Su-35S of the 23rd Fighter Aviation Regiment [Dzemgi] of the 303rd Mixed Aviation Division [ZMAD] from 11 Air Force and Air Defense of the Eastern Military District in Primorsko-Akhtarsk, three Su-34 of the 559th Bomber Aviation Regiment [Morozovsk] 1 ZMAD 4 Air Force and Air Defense of the Army in Primorsko-Akhtarsk, five Su-27/Z0SM of 38- my Fighter Aviation Regiment [Belbek] 27th ZMAD 4th Air Force and Air Defense in Krymsk, one aircraft, probably MiG-31 to Gelendzhik and two aircraft, probably MiG-31 in Kushchevsk;

According to in-flight intelligence, one of the MiG-31s ​​caught fire on board, possibly in the power plant and navigation equipment.

2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine

On 21 February 2022, the Russian government claimed that Ukrainian shelling had destroyed an FSB border facility on the Russia Ukraine border. Moscow also claimed that it had killed 5 Ukrainian soldiers who tried to cross into Russian territory. Ukraine denied being involved in both incidents and called them a false flag.

On the same day, the Russian government formally recognized the self-proclaimed DPR and LPR as independent states. According to Putin not only in their de-facto controlled areas, but the Ukrainian Oblasts as a whole. Putin ordered Russian troops, including tanks, to enter the regions.

Ukraine has received fighter jets, US doesn't disclose their origin
Pfoto credit: NYT

On 24 February 2022, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered an invasion of Ukraine by Russian Armed Forces previously concentrated along the border. The invasion followed by targeted airstrikes of military buildings in the country, as well as tanks entering via the Belarus border.

Russia has so far not recognized the invasion of Ukraine as a “war”, although that is exactly what it is, claiming that it is a “special military operation”. According to the UN, in which Russia has its permanent representation, for military action to be defined as a “special military operation”, it must have a resolution issued by the UN. There is no such resolution, which automatically defines the military actions of the Russians as an invasion and war against the citizens of Ukraine.


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