Russia showed Bayraktar TB2 UCAV, Turkey says It’s fake

ANKARA ($1=17.95 Turkish Liras) — Are the Bayraktar TB2 UCAV and MAM-L and MAM-C ammunition on display at the ARMY-2022 fair real?

Russia showed Bayraktar TB2 UCAV, Turkey says It's fake
Photo credit: Twitter

Images of a very interesting exhibition were shared at the ARMY 2022 International Defense Industry Fair organized by the Russian Ministry of Defense in Moscow. Included in the exhibit are weapons systems seized by Ukrainian forces during the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war. One vehicle, in particular, attracted serious attention at the show. This vehicle is the Bayraktar TB2 armed unmanned aerial vehicle [UCAV] produced by Baykar and ammunition produced by Roketsan.

Media in Russia claim that the displayed BayraktraTB2 drone of Armi-2022 was captured and seized by the Ukrainian armed forces. Turkish media and experts examine the published photos of Bayraktar TB2 and find significant differences.

The differences in the ammunition of the Roketsan MAM-L product and the alleged MAM-C on the wings of the vehicle on display are striking even at first glance. The differences between the fuselage and wing connections are that the nose pieces where the seekers are located are completely different in color and shape. The dimensions of the rear fins are wider than normal and the lettering on the ammo is larger than normal. It is also seen that the models in question cannot be attached to the bomb beams, so they connect to the beams with cables.

In the case of the Bayraktar TB2, the thing that catches the eye at first glance is the number “403” written in red and quite large. This serial number belongs to a TB2 with the production number “T52” used by the Ukrainian Air Force. Although this UCAV, in service with the Ukrainian Air Force, is said to have been captured and displayed, the faulty fuselage details immediately stand out when compared to previously released actual images of the TB2 in question.

Russia showed Bayraktar TB2 UCAV, Turkey says It's fake
Photo credit: Twitter

The tail number of the vehicle on display is much larger than the actual number, is in a different location, and is not in the font used by the Ukrainian Air Force. The number is written in the font used by the Russian Air Force. While the round part of the Ukrainian Air Force aircraft should normally be located on the engine cover, it is located on the upper fuselage panel where the air intake is located in the exposed vehicle.

In addition, while the upper body panel connection should be more curved, it is clear that this connection is flatter in the exposed vehicle and the recesses for the side engine vents are not located on the panel. It can be seen that the antennas normally found on the Bayraktar TB2 are not on the vehicle on display.

Turkish experts also see a difference in the tail-body connection. When examining the tail-body connection and the tail section of the exposed vehicle, it is clearly seen that the inscription “Bayraktar TB2” on the tail-body connection is written in a completely different font than usual and that neither the slot nor the rear camera located in the upper part of the tail, are not found in the exposed vehicle.

As a result, it is understood that the vehicle on display was created by combining the hard parts of previously discarded TB2s with a very poorly made body model, Turkey says.


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