5th-gen subsonic Blue Spear SSMs will guard the Gulf of Finland

HELSINKI ($1=0.98 Euro) — Finland and Estonia will integrate the Blue Spear and MTO-85M mobile coastal defense systems into their inventory to create an A2/AD zone against Russia in the Baltic Sea.

Ukraine will not receive Israeli Gabriel V sea-skimming AShM
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By signing the aforementioned, the two countries aim to limit maritime transport with Russia in the area of ​​the Kaliningrad lands, where the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Navy is located. Currently, the only connection between Kaliningrad and Russia in the Baltic Sea is through the Gulf of Finland.

Estonian Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur said in an interview with Fin Iltalehti that the range of coastal defense missiles in the hands of both countries is much greater than the width of the Gulf of Finland so that they can exchange data by integrating the systems between you are

Estonia placed an order for the Blue Spear anti-ship missile in 2021 from the Israeli-Singapore joint venture Proteus Advanced Systems. Minister Hanno Pevkur said that after the delivery of the missiles, they will integrate the RBS-15 anti-ship missiles in the Finnish inventory into the MTO-85M coastal defense system, adding that the Baltic Sea will become NATO’s internal sea after Sweden and Finland join NATO.

No statement was made from the Russian side regarding the initiative of Finland and Estonia to create a joint coastal defense network. Yuriy Shvitkin, deputy chairman of the Duma’s Defense Committee, said the threat of a cutoff in the Gulf of Finland would provoke a Russian response. Yuriy Shvitkin also said that “the coastal defense system is not an obstacle for Russian warships.”

5th-gen subsonic Blue Spear SSMs will guard the Gulf of Finland
Photo credit: Reddit

Once Finland and Estonia integrate their coastal defense systems, it is possible that Kaliningrad, where the Baltic Fleet is based, could be cut off from mainland Russia and its surface access cut off. Although the Russians claim that it will not pose a danger to ships, there are serious doubts about the effectiveness of Russian ships against shore-based anti-ship missiles, especially after the sinking of the Moskva in the Black Sea.

The signing of the agreement and plans to integrate the systems are also very important to show that predictions that the Baltic countries will work together and take common measures against the growing Russian threat have come true.


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