New T-90M Proryv tanks continue to leave UralVagonZavod for Ukraine

MOSCOW ($1=60.58 Russian Rubles) — Despite economic sanctions, Russia continues to supply its army with heavily armored vehicles. ArmyRecognition writes on August 5 that a new batch of T-90M Proryv tanks is leaving UralVagonZavod. The same information is confirmed by several Russian media.

New T-90s for Russia: 125mm gun, HE ammo, missiles, space nav
Photo: Uralvagonzavod

Despite the difficult situation, UralVagonZavod somehow managed to fulfill the orders from Moscow. The plant operates under heavy economic sanctions imposed by the West on Russia. There is a shortage of components and parts, and as has already written – it is difficult to repair the burnt tanks returned from the front.

This is not the first delivery of the T-90M Proryv to the Russian army since the end of the war. In mid-May, UralVagonZavod sent a new batch. The T-90M Proryv is considered by the Russians to be their most capable main battle tank in service. The T-14 Armata is considered a better tank than the NATO ones, but the T-14 has only prototypes developed.

Tests of the T-90M, which is equipped with the Kalina fire control system and the Afghanit active defense system, ended two months earlier. It is known that the tank received dynamic Relic protection, as well as additional armor.

Т-90М Proryv vs. T-90

The first batch of the latest T-90M tanks came into service at the Russian Army
Photo credit: Military Watch Magazine

According to the designers from Uralvagonzavod, the new T-90M Proryv tank has received a more powerful engine. The standard configuration of the T-90 is powered by a 12-cylinder V-92S2 that provides 1,000 horsepower, while the new version of the tank gets 130 horsepower more power due to the 12-cylinder new V-92S2F engine.

The basic armament has not really changed. Both tank modifications use a 125mm 2A46M smoothbore gun, but the T-90M is a 2A46M-5 model. 2A46M-5 provides the use of new high-power ammunition, as well as a guided missile that allows you to destroy enemy tanks at a distance of up to five kilometers. The secondary armament consists of a 12.7mm Kord Heavy machine gun, and 7.62mm PKMT in both tanks.

One of the main upgrades received by the T-90M is the ability of the tank to have autonomous functions, ie. real-time data exchange with other vehicles. The tank has improved optical sights: a new PNM Sosna-U gunner sight, four video cameras that provide 360-degree coverage, new day and night optical sights, including a thermal camera that detects enemy targets at 3,300 meters.

New T-90s for Russia: 125mm gun, HE ammo, missiles, space nav
Photo: Uralvagonzavod

Last but not least, the T-90M has integrated Russian space navigation GLONASS, as well as inertial navigation systems [INS]. The armor is significantly enhanced by the use of Relikt explosive reactive armor [ERA] that covers more of the tank.


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