Ukraine installed Serdar RCWS into a Soviet MT-LB AFV

KYIV ($1=36.92 Ukrainian Hryvnias) — The MT-LB armored personnel carrier is a very popular platform for installing various types of weapon modules, both improvised and factory-installed. The Ukrainians decided this time to integrate it with a remotely controlled weapon module created as part of their cooperation with Turkey – Serdar.

The Serdar weapons module [the word Serdar means commander-in-chief in the Ottoman Empire army] was created as a result of the cooperation between the Turkish concern Aselsan, the Ukrainian Ukroboroprom, and UkrSpecExport and the Łucz design bureau. The latter enterprise is a manufacturer of laser-guided RK-2S Skiff missiles with a range of 5 km and a penetration depth of more than 800 mm of steel [after penetrating the reactive armor], which are the main armament of the system. It is also possible to use the newer RK-2M missiles with a range of 5500 m and a penetration capability of 1100 mm RHA.

The presented version of the Serdar was ordered by a foreign customer and is armed with two anti-tank guided missiles on the left side. However, the modular design allows you to increase their number to four by placing two more symmetrically on the right side.

Additional armament is a centrally located 12.7 mm machine gun and a fire module on the right side of the rotating platform, which can be equipped with a 7.62 mm or 5.56 mm machine gun or a 40 mm automatic grenade launcher.

As part of the project, the Ukrainian side is mainly responsible for the missile armament and the construction of the module, and the Turkish concern Aselsan provided the stabilization system, the fire control system, the automatic tracking, and targeting system with a laser range finder, a thermal imaging camera, and television cameras.

The module can shoot 360 degrees in the horizontal plane and from -15 to +45 degrees in elevation. The accuracy of firing guided missiles and barrel weapons while driving is provided by a gyrostabilization system in two planes and an auto tracker.


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