China has promised to take over Taiwan by military action

BEIJING ($1=6.74 Chinese Yuans) — The People’s Republic of China has no intention of giving up its plans to annex Taiwan. This is stated in the statement of the Chinese Cabinet’s Taiwan Affairs Office. “Beijing will work with the utmost sincerity and make maximum efforts to achieve peaceful reunification, but we will not give up the use of force and reserve the option to take any necessary measures,” the statement said.

Photo credit: Sputnik

China has undertaken naval exercises in recent days. Beijing has increased these exercises, but it remains unclear how long they will continue. US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan provoked these exercises.

The exercises blocked the Taiwan Strait, aviation, and shipping in the area. Hundreds of missiles were fired from China in the direction of Taiwan. China has repeatedly invaded Taiwan’s waters and airspace. Meanwhile, Beijing has suspended dialogue with the US on issues from maritime security to climate change.

Taiwan decided to respond to China and on Tuesday began conducting its own exercises. Analysts say China’s strategy is clear: blockade the Taiwan Strait and control the East and South China Seas. These are key military actions that will prevent the US from aiding Taiwan in an attack. Even without military action, Beijing can establish a new “normal”. Thus, it will gain control not only of aviation around Taiwan but also of Taiwan’s ports.

China has a nuclear submarine with extended-range missiles
Photo credit: Wikipedia

At the moment, the statements from Washington are contradictory. The US president has stated that the US will help Taiwan if attacked by China. White House officials and advisers, however, quickly distanced themselves from such statements. Officially, the US and Taiwan do not have diplomatic relations.

Taiwan’s air defenses are officially on high alert as of this Tuesday [August 9th] but have not retaliated.

International trade is also threatened. Blocking the Taiwan Strait by China could seriously damage international supplies. Especially at a time when it is not known exactly how the war in Ukraine will develop.


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