China sent trains of military equipment to help Russian invasion

ROSTOV ($1=60.58 Russian Rubles) — Officially, China does not support Russia militarily, wanting to keep a certain distance on this issue. However, as it turns out, logistics equipment manufactured by them was observed on railway platforms in Rostov.

China sent trains of military equipment to help Russian invasion
Video Screenshot

Video evidence

A video recorded the movement of train wagons loaded with equipment at the station in Rostov. The film first shows the 4×4 NJ2040 multi-purpose vehicle, which is a licensed Iveco VM 90 manufactured in China by the NAVECO consortium [a joint venture between China’s Nanjing Motor Group Company and Italy’s Fiat with Iveco]. Vehicles of this type entered service with the Chinese National Liberation Army in 1999 and have since been widely used in many versions, from infantry transport, and ammunition transport to the HJ-9 anti-tank guided missile launch platform.

Next, you see two Shacman Shaanxi SX2300 8×8 trucks. These are cars with a curb weight of 13,000 kg and a payload of 17,000 kg. For comparison, the popular KamAZ-63501 has a load capacity of 15,000 kg. These cars also became the basis for many specialized versions. At the finish, you can see two tankers, a truck with a service body, and other trucks in various configurations, including a 6×6 [Shaanxi SX2190]. As you can see, China is quietly supporting the Russians, although not with lethal weapons [maybe also, but we don’t know about that], but with equipment that is equally necessary to ensure the functioning of the army.

Russian losses

It is possible that the huge losses of trucks at the beginning of the war were so painful that the Russians temporarily needed additional vehicles to ensure a smooth supply of ammunition to the front, for example. In addition, the ability to carry 2 tons more for the Shaanxi SX2300 will be very useful, as it means more ammunition carried on the same route. Of course, this also carries the risk of losing more shells in the event of an ambush.

The appearance of Chinese equipment in Rostov may mean that another is already headed there, most likely by rail. China’s hardware participation in the war in Ukraine can be for them a test of military equipment in conditions of war, but also a reason for imposing international sanctions against them, which, given China’s current problems related to the internal situation in the country, may not is very beneficial for China.

Russian army uses trees and sandbags as armor in the Ukrainian mud
Photo credit: The Drive


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