Unique X-Band Russian 9S19 Imbir ballistic-tracking system destroyed

KYIV ($1=36.95 Ukrainian Hryvnias) — Ukraine’s armed forces claim to have destroyed four S-300 air defense systems of the Russian army. The attack was carried out on August 4. The attack, they say in Ukraine, was combined – aviation and artillery. The action takes place in the Kherson region. Several ammunition depots were also destroyed.

Unique X-Band Russian 9S19 Imbir ballistic tracking system destroyed
Photo credit: Wikipedia

More impressive is Ukraine’s claim that a 9S19 Imbir ballistic and aeroballistic missile detection and tracking system was destroyed. This is a radar complex used in the operation of the S-300B air defense system. 9S19 Imbir is capable of detecting Pershing-type missiles at a distance of up to 200 km.

Ukrainian sources suggest that Russia sent this radar to detect GMLRS launched by M142 HIMARS or M270 missile systems. It is curious to note that Russia has a small amount of 9S19 Imbir in its inventory. According to open source intelligence [OSINT] data, the Russian army has only 20 units of this radar.

About 9S19 Ginger

Imbir means “ginger” in Russian [the plant, not a redhead]. 9S19 Imbir detection and tracking of ballistic operational-tactical, tactical and aeroballistic missiles with high tracking speed. This radar plots the enemy missile’s flight path.

Unique X-Band Russian 9S19 Imbir ballistic tracking system destroyed
Photo credit: Wikipedia

It is a mobile three-coordinate program survey radar with a high energy potential, electronically steered two-plane DND beam. Target detection coordinates with identification and recognition signs are automatically taken and transmitted to the command post of the air defense system or the launcher.

The radar has an integrated deep automatic functional control system. It minimizes the time to detect equipment failures and ensures high combat readiness of the radar.

The radar equipment is located on a self-propelled tracked chassis with high cross-country ability. The radar is equipped with means for independent power supply, life support, radio communications, orientation, and topographic location, and has an internal telephone connection. Automated deployment and rollout processes are provided. The radar can be transported by any type of transport, including air, and can function normally in a wide range of weather conditions.


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