Kalashnikov builds new base bleed 155mm Krasnopol guided projectile

MOSCOW ($1=60.2 Russian Rubles) — The Russian concern Kalashnikov has announced that it will develop a new version of the Krasnopol artillery ammunition with increased range and greater firepower.

Kalashnikov builds new base bleed 155mm Krasnopol guided projectile
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Krasnopol is a laser-guided precision [guided] semi-active munition with a fragmentation warhead capable of hitting fortified bunkers, command posts, and armored vehicles. Its maximum range is 20 km, while the maximum range of the Krasnopol-M2 version is 25 km.

Has a 90% chance to hit. But if the weather conditions are unfavorable, the probability of success is limited to 40%-70%. The Krasnopol flight has three distinct phases. It moves ballistically at first, then inertially. In the final phase, the projectile is raised so that it attacks the target from above [Top-Attack] and at an angle of 35-45°.

In addition to Russia, Greece, India, China, Algeria, and Syria are operators of this type of artillery projectile. Ukraine was also armed with this model of Soviet artillery shells, but in early June the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced that it had exhausted its Soviet stocks. Krasnopol was developed in the mid-1980s and has been in service since then. It has documented involvement in at least three conflicts: the Syrian civil war, the second Libyan civil war, and the current war in Ukraine.

152mm Msta-S is a Russian killing machine in Ukraine, Belgium syas
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Since the Russian artillery operates with two main calibers – 152mm and 155mm guns, Kalashnikov manufactures Krasnopol in these two calibers as well. The weight of the Krasnopol guided projectile is about 50 kg. Most often, Krasnopol is used by two main artillery weapon systems – self-propelled howitzers 2S3 Akatsiya and 2S19 Msta-S.

Kalashnikov hopes for rapid development and testing so that if the war in Ukraine continues until the end of the year, Krasnopol can be directly tested in real combat conditions.


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