Russia shows seized GMLRS HIMARS rockets, their scan is pending

MOSCOW ($1= Russian Rubles) — The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have at least three seized or unexploded GMLRS M31 rockets. Their scans are pending, sources in Moscow say. These missiles are used by the M142 HIMARS. Ukraine already has at least nine US-supplied HIMARS missile systems.

Russia showed GMLRS rockets from HIMARS, their scan is pending
Photo credit: Telegram

Russian sources have released photos of at least two unexploded rockets found in Krasny Luch. This region has been shelled in recent days. At least six rockets fired at Krasni Luch have been documented. If we take this information as fact [still unproven] the missiles have a 50% failure to fire with each missile salvo.

Seized GMLRS rockets – what’s next?

The procedure of the Russian armed forces after the capture of foreign weapons equipment has not been changed for years. I.e. in the coming days, Russian engineers will make a full-size replica of GMLRS M31. Certainly, at least one of the three [the most conserved rocket] will travel the following path:

Russia showed GMLRS rockets from HIMARS, their scan is pending
Photo credit: Telegram
  • after the full-size GMLRS M31 replica is ready, the replica-rocket will travel to Moscow in the Central Military District. It is there that the chief air defense engineers of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation are located.
  • The GMLRS M31 will be suspended from a specialized crane to hover in the air, surrounded by laser scanning devices. A full 360-degree scan of the rocket is performed.
  • The resulting dimensions of the rocket and its design are uploaded as data to Russian radar networks, which continue to be connected, whether they are deployed in Ukraine on the battlefield or over Russian lands. This means that the radar systems of the mobile and deployed Russian Army air defense systems in Ukraine also receive the data from the rocket scan.


In the last week, reports emerged that the Russian Ministry of Defense is not satisfied with the inability of Russian air defenses to successfully intercept GMLRS M31 rockets. Such information comes only from the Ukrainian side.

Ukraine claims that Almaz-Antey’s management is under pressure over the “missing of GMLRS M31” rockets. recalls that Almaz-Antey is the main manufacturer of anti-aircraft missile systems for the Russian army.

Russia showed GMLRS rockets from HIMARS, their scan is pending
Photo credit: Telegram

Ukraine has accused Russia’s S-400 air defense system of being ineffective against the American M-31 rocket., however, recalls that the S-400 is not designed to intercept GMLRS M31 rockets. Russia claims [a Russian member of the State Duma] that Pantsir-S1M is the system that is currently deployed to counter US HIMARS.

Are there any HIMARS destroyed or captured?

Such information comes only from the Russian side. At least three press releases from the Russian Defense Ministry claim that several M142 HIMARS delivered to Ukraine have been destroyed.

Ukraine denies these claims, calling them Russian propaganda. Ukraine’s statements on the subject may turn out to be true, as there is data on the use of HIMARS in the last 72 hours. recalls that the attacks on July 19 and 20 on Antonovsky Bridge in Kherson were carried out by this missile system [M142 HIMARS]. This information has been confirmed by both sides: Ukraine and Russia, with Russia even announcing the number of rockets fired at the bridge – 12 in total.


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