Turkey acquired a high-velocity 40mm anti-drone weapon system

ANKARA ($1= Turkish Liras) — The 40mm SAHIN physical destruction system, developed with national Turkish resources, entered the Turkish inventory. The SAHIN system will be used for the security of critical facilities, according to a statement by Defense Industry Presidency Chairman Prof. Dr. Ismail Demir in his Twitter post. The 40mm weapon system was developed by the Turkish company Aselsan.

Turkey acquired a high-velocity 40mm anti-drone weapon system
Photo credit: Twitter

The 40mm SAHIN is designed to counter rotary and mini/micro fixed-wing UAVs, and in addition to the protection of critical infrastructures and sites [production plants, military, and civilian airports, sites of strategic importance for Turkey’s economy] the system will be able to be also used in the structures of the border police of Turkey, as well as for the implementation of air defense.

The SAHIN physical destruction weapon system uses the ATOM 40 mm high-velocity smart grenade launcher ammunition [also Turkish-made] and has an effective range of 700 meters.

The system, which is capable of automatic target tracking with its independent axis electro-optical system, can perform target tracking and ballistic calculations on the target by homing to the position reported by the radar. The SAHIN can program its 40 mm ATOM munitions to explode when they approach the target, thanks to a programming module integrated into the muzzle of the weapon system. In this way, Turkish experts say, the effectiveness of the ammunition on the target is increased.

The system, which can carry 64 ready-to-fire 40mm ATOM ammunition, allows for easy ammunition loading. SAHIN can work in integration with various Anti-Drone systems.

The SAHIN has a main and side axis, the main axis can move in a range of -10°/+60°, while the side axis can move in a range of n x 360°. The dimensions of the weapon system are 2450 mm [W], 3720 mm [L], and 2675 mm [H].

SAHIN consists of a stabilized turret, precision stabilized router, TV camera, thermal camera and laser range finder, task computer, power, weapon and servo control unit, programming unit and muzzle hardware, battery group, battery charger, control unit, meteorological sensor.

The SAHIN weighs about 2,500 kg, consumes 2 kW max, and is powered by 220 VAC. It is easy to transport with fixed and towed trailers, as well as easy to install.


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