Ukraine uses 155mm SMArt carrier shell that seeks and destroys by itself

BERLIN ($1=1.00 Euros) — Is Ukraine using smart munitions? In recent days, it has been discussed in the public space that the armed forces of Ukraine are already operating with ammunition supplied by Germany – SADAM/SMArt carrier shells. At the moment, there is no official information that this type of ammunition is used on the territory of Ukraine, but there is officially confirmed information that Ukrainian gunners were trained in Germany to work with them.

According to an interview with a German colonel, who explains how the Ukrainians were trained to work with the PzH 2000 artillery system, it is clear that training courses for working with SADAM / SMArt missiles were conducted on this system. It makes perfect sense that such a course would be pursued if the German government intends to deliver (or has already delivered) the smart munitions.

What is characteristic of SADAM/SMArt?

These are 155mm artillery shells [or rockets] that seek and destroy the target themselves. SMArt uses two sub-missiles and a multi-sensor guidance system. In addition to Germany, this ammunition is in service in several other countries, such as Switzerland, Greece, and Australia. SMArt is used against any ground heavy armored or artillery equipment, incl. destruction of towed or self-propelled howitzers, armored personnel carriers, and other heavy armored vehicles for the infantry, including tanks.

Ukraine uses 155mm SMArt carrier shell that seeks and destroys by itself
Photo credit: Wikipedia

How SADAM/SMArt works

A self-propelled projectile is fired with a timer fuse that contains two sub-projectiles. Once the missile reaches the target area, the carrier missile disintegrates and the sub-projectiles are ejected and free-fall on parachutes. At a certain altitude, tracking systems are activated, which are infrared and radio sensors.

After detecting the target, the sensors determine and record its data and then fire an explosive projectile traveling at hypersonic speed towards it. The target is destroyed beforehand due to the kinetic energy of the cumulative flow.

If the missile fails to hit any target, it self-destructs, thus avoiding unexploded or nuisance missiles.

Ukraine uses 155mm SMArt carrier shell that seeks and destroys by itself
Photo credit: Wikipedia

Can the Ukrainians use this ammunition?

The answer is yes, because they have the sky weapon system, but as we wrote at the beginning – there is no official data that this projectile is used, which does not exclude the option to use it. SADAM/SMArt can be fired from two of the weapon systems in the inventory of the Ukrainians that have already been delivered – the self-propelled howitzer PzH 2000 and the 22.5 km with the M109A3GA1.

However, the range is different when using different artillery – when firing a PzH 2000 projectile, the range reaches 28 km, while when firing the same projectile from the M109A3GA1, the range is five kilometers less – 23 km.

Realistically, this munition can destroy any Russian vehicle currently in Ukraine, regardless of its size, size, combat capability, etc.

Ukraine-uses-155mm-SMArt-carrier-shell-that-seeks-and-destroys-by-itself-2 pzh 2000


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