Britain supplies Ukraine FV103 APCs with hand-welded sidebars

KYIV ($1=29.53 Ukrainian Hryvnias) — Photos have appeared in the public space, which indicates that the armed forces of Ukraine have already started receiving British-made FV103 Spartan-tracked armored personnel carriers.

Britain supplies Ukraine FV103 APCs with hand-welded sidebars
Photo credit: Twitter

Some of these machines have already arrived at the front, but at the same time, the training of crews for the “Spartans” continues on the training grounds in Great Britain. In total, Ukraine is to receive 35 FV103 Spartan machines from Great Britain.

The FV103 Spartan has a combat mass of only 10.6 tons and can take a landing force of only four people, with a crew of three. The maximum speed that this armored vehicle can reach on the highway is 90 km/h. And for such a compact armored personnel carrier with a body length of 5.16 meters, it has a fairly decent level of protection: the thickness of the aluminum body is 60 mm, and the frontal parts withstand the impact of 14.5 mm bullets from a distance of 200 m, the side and stern protection against shrapnel from shells and mines and enemy firearms.

Britain supplies Ukraine FV103 APCs with hand-welded sidebars
Photo credit: Twitter

In fact, the British FV103 Spartan is a kind of compact “tank”, intended more for the role of “armored taxi” for delivery to the front. But the small number of landing forces is compensated by the speed of movement and the level of protection.

No machine gun, but with sidebars

From the photos provided and shared on social media, two things stand out: first, the FV103 Spartans delivered to Ukraine do not have integrated machine guns. The British FV103 Spartans that were in service [no longer are] had one 7.62mm general purpose machine gun, but those supplied to Ukraine have been removed, most likely long ago.

Also, hand-welded bars on both sides of the tracked armored personnel carrier were additionally added, most likely before delivery to Ukraine. It is not clear what exactly the function of these bars will be – whether they will serve to attach a weapon system, or will play the role of improvised armor to steal the energy of the blast from an anti-tank missile or drone. The latter is unlikely, but we have seen similarly constructed hand armor on the turret of Russian tanks.

British Husky TSVs are also in Ukraine

As we reported in mid-june the British Husky tactical support vehicles [TSV] promised by Britain to help Ukraine‘s armed forces have begun arriving on Ukrainian soil. Various field sources as well as videos shared on social media confirm the information. Most likely, the trained Ukrainian soldiers from the British military instructors arrived with them [the vehicles].

Husky TSV is an all-terrain armored vehicle that can assist infantry, marines, and special forces. Depending on its configuration, it can transport between four and eight people. Husky TSV can be armed with a 12.7mm machine gun as well as a remote-controlled weapon system.

British armored Husky 4x4 TSVs, V8 engine, arrived in Ukraine

There is no information on the exact engine of the British TSVs donated to Ukraine. It is assumed that this is the standard version with the use of the V8 diesel engine Navistar VT 365, which has an integrated TorqShift 5-speed automatic transmission and provides 325 hp [242 kW] at 3300 rpm. However, some British Husky TSVs are equipped with a MaxxForce D6.0L V8 engine also manufactured by Navistar VT but provide slightly more horsepower – 340hp [254kW] and can be driven at a top speed of 70 km / h.

Husky TSV is a 4×4 armored truck / MRAP American production. They were developed especially for the British Army and were first presented to the world in 2006 when their production actually began. The main technical specifications of the vehicle are length 230″-270″, width 96″, height 93″ [operational] or 91″ [transport]. Husky has variable level armor kits. Its ground clearance is 12″ and the operational range is about 400 miles.


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