Russia confirms the use of Stupor electromagnetic rifle in Ukraine

MOSCOW ($1=60.00 Russian Rubles) — The Russian news agency TASS writes that according to its source from the armed forces of the Russian Federation, the latest Stupor anti-drone complex was used for the first time during military operations in Ukraine. recalls that the complex was presented for the first time in 2017 at the international military-technical forum “Army-2017”.

Russia confirms the use of Stupor electromagnetic rifle in Ukraine
Photo credit: TASS

A Stupor is a gun that sends electromagnetic pulses to the enemy UAV, which are supposed to choke the drone’s control channel. This breaks the connection between the operator and the UAV. When the connection is broken, the drone goes into an uncontrolled flight, which ends in a fall. Besides suppressing the control channel, Stupor does the same with video cameras or optoelectronic devices. The Stupor electromagnetic rifle works at a range of 2 km.

The use of the Stupor electromagnetic rifle is the first officially documented fact from the Russian side. Until now, there has been no confirmation or information that the Russian military is using such weapons, relying primarily on various surface-to-air missile defense systems to counter unmanned aerial vehicles.

The TASS source says that using the Stupor is easy and he believes the rifle is effective on the battlefield. The TASS source also said that Stupor is currently being used in the fighting in the western part of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

Ukraine also uses similar electromagnetic rifles. already wrote that armed units of the Ukrainian army use the KVS G-6, which is of Ukrainian production. According to the characteristics of the rifle, the Ukrainian model has a greater range than the Russian analog – 3.5 km and can work continuously for up to 30 minutes.

Ukraine uses KVS G-6 anti-drone rifle for UAV radio disruption
Photo credit: Euronews

According to the manufacturer, the weapon can disrupt the transmission of video and remote control at 2.4 and 5 GHz, as well as GPS L2 [and L1] and Glonass signals. In addition, there are disc, amplified, and directional antennas. The principle of operation of the KVS G-6 is the same as that of the Russian Stupor – interruption of communication between the operator and the drone.


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