British unit with Challenger tanks will be deployed in Poland

WARSAW ($1=4.70 Polish Zlotys) — Britain strengthens Poland’s eastern flank with its Challenger tanks. In this way, Allied reinforcements arrive in Poland for the supporting forces already in Poland. This was announced by the Minister of Defense of Poland, Mariusz Blaszczak.

British unit with Challenger tanks will be deployed in Poland
Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

“This week, the British tank company Challenger arrives in Poland as part of the Allied reinforcement force, supporting the forces already present here. This is another strong demonstration of British support for the eastern flank,” Blaszczak said.

We recall that the deployment of Challenger-2 tanks in Poland was discussed at the end of April. At the time, it was planned that the tanks would be moved for a limited period and be “served by British personnel”. There are currently no details on how this decision was implemented.

In addition, Poland is waiting for the implementation of the agreement to purchase the American Abrams tanks. The Polish government also expects to receive German Leopard 2 tanks and fulfill a contract for South Korean K2 tanks.

In early June, Polish President Andrzej Duda said Poland had handed Ukraine 240 tanks and more than 100 armored personnel carriers, as well as small arms, ammunition, ammunition, and military equipment.

This week, the Ukrainian military demonstrated T-72 tanks, which the armed forces of Ukraine received from Poland and the Czech Republic.

TDSS on future British Challenger

As we reported in May, the British Challenger 3 [CR3] main battle tank [MBT], which the UK Army expects in 2027, will have an integrated Turret Drive Servo System [TDSS] from Curtiss-Wright, Parsippany-Troy Hills, New Jersey, USA. For $ 25 million, Curtiss-Wright will have to provide its technology to help stabilize the tank’s turret, ensuring precision in both turret movement and the precision of weapon systems at maximum speed.

British Challenger 3 MBT to get US-made next-gen turret servo system
Photo: Reddit

Curtiss-Wright’s TDSS has an open architecture that allows for future system upgrades. The integration will be done by Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land [RBSL], which means that Curtiss-Wright will only have to supply TDSS.

RBSL announced that Curtiss-Wright’s TDSS is a fundamental component that will be the basis of all future tank operations. Curtiss-Wright said that the choice of the British was the right one and that Challenger 3 acquired one of the leading TDSSs in the world with excellent characteristics and indicators.

Challenger 3 MBT

Challenger 3 is the future of the British Army. It will inherit the main Challenger 2 battle tank, which is currently in service in the UK and several countries around the world. The project is run by the German-British consortium created specifically for the production of Challenger 3 – Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land [RBSL].

According to the planning in 2027, the serious production of the tank should start. So far, 148 units are planned to be produced. The main mass of the tank will be 66 tons, and its crew will be four people – commander, gunner, loader, and driver.

The tank will be powered by a single Perkins CV12-9A V12 diesel engine of 26.1 liters. One of the innovations is a third-generation hydro-gas suspension system for 24-hour operation in all weather conditions. The transmission of the tank will be David Brown Santasalo TN54E epicyclic transmission [six forward, two reverse] with new component improvements.

The main gun is expected to be a 120mm Rheinmetall L55A1 120mm smoothbore gun. I will shoot not only with standard ammunition but also with digitally programmed ammunition. The new ammunition will be at a faster speed and increased range.


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