Ukraine to strike Russia if it gets US longest-range rockets

PANAGYURISHTE ($1=1.85 Bulgarian Levas) — Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called for missile systems from the West, describing the situation as follows: if Kyiv receives 60 or more missile systems, the Russian armed forces will be pressed and lose the ability to advance into Ukraine, if Kyiv receives 40 missile systems, the progress of the Russians will continue, but with more casualties than the current situation. If Ukraine gets 20 missile systems, the Russians will continue to have casualties, but they will make rapid progress.

American 227mm M270 MLRS and M142 HIMARS strike in Donetsk region
Photo: Wikipedia

President Joe Biden’s administration has decided to provide the Ukrainian armed forces with four HIMARS missile systems. They are part of a new $ 1 billion military aid package. However, there is a public opinion based on real facts that US support for weapons systems is declining, some say stopping.

Four HIMARS systems will help Ukraine, but they’re not game-changing weapons in the eastern Ukraine war, where for 60 days the Ukrainian armed forces have faced Russian artillery in a ratio of 20 to 1. Ohio Senator and Republican member Rob Portman described Fighting in eastern Ukraine as “brutal fighting continues in Severodonetsk, where the Russians are making tremendous progress, and the Luhansk region could fall in weeks if the Ukrainians cannot get more artillery.”

However, the United States does not intend to send long-range missiles to Ukraine. The apparent reason, again according to Portman, is a lack of trust. Portman believes that the administration of President Joe Biden fears that the Ukrainian armed forces will use this type of missile not only to defend their territory but also to attack Russian territory. If this happens, many experts predict that the conflict will go beyond the territory of Ukraine and even involve the United States directly in the conflict.

Blood on Biden's hands - Khashoggi's death costs $500M to Saudis
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The ongoing artillery war in eastern Ukraine is at stake – the likelihood of Donbas falling into Russian hands is huge. This will be strongly politically marked in Moscow as a victory and the aspirations of Russian President Vladimir Putin to reach the south, to Odessa will intensify, and the possibility of this happening as well. If that happens, some say it’s Transnistria’s turn in Moldova.

The provision of long-range American missiles has its followers among Washington’s political circles. Some are strongly opposed and pulling out a nationalist card “we cannot support Ukraine forever“, others use this argument to defend the possible sending of such weapon systems to Kyiv. “The sooner Ukraine pushes the Russians out of Donbas, the sooner the war will end,” are the most common arguments for using long-range weapons. This is how Putin can be made to sit at the negotiating table, they say.

At least that’s what the United States thinks.


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