Germany sends to Ukraine 3 MARS MLRSs, 7 PzH 2000 SPHs, 30 GEPARDs

BERLIN ($1=0.95 Euros) — The German government has officially published a list of weapons systems, weapons, ammunition, and consumables that it has provided to Ukraine so far and a list of what is being implemented or is being prepared.

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Officially, Berlin has provided Ukraine with 3,000 Panzerfaust 3 cartridges plus 900 grips, 14,900 anti-tank mines, 500 STINGER anti-aircraft missiles, 2,700 STRELA flying fists, 16 million rounds of ammunition handgun, 50 bunker fists, 100 MG 3 machine guns with 500 spare barrels and bolts, 100,000 hand grenades, 5,300 explosive charges, 100,000 meters of detonating cord and 100,000 detonators 350,000 detonators, 23,000 combat helmets, 15 pallets of clothing 178 motor vehicles, 100 tents, 6 pallets of material for explosive ordnance disposal, 125 binoculars, 1,200 hospital beds, 18 pallets of medical supplies, 60 surgical lights, Protective clothing, operating masks, 10,000 sleeping bags, 600 shooting glasses, 1 radio frequency system, 3,000 field telephones with 5,000 reels of field cord and carrying equipment, 1 field hospital [joint project with Estonia], 353 night vision goggles, 4 electronic anti-drone devices, 165 binoculars, Medical supplies [including rucksacks, first- aid kits], 38 Laser removal knife, Fuel diesel and petrol [current delivery], 10 tons of AdBlue, 500 pieces of wound dressings to stop bleeding, 500 pieces of food rations, MiG-29 spare parts and 30 armored vehicles.

In the second list, the German government describes the weapons systems, weapons, and consumables that are being prepared for dispatch or are already in the process of being dispatched. The list is also very long and includes tens of thousands of artillery shells, anti-tank missiles, nearly 6 million rounds of handgun ammunition, drones, radars, vehicles, and reconnaissance vehicles.

Germany might deliver 35mm autocannon Gepard SPAAG to Ukraine
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It is noteworthy that Germany confirms the sending to Ukraine of three MARS multiple rocket launchers with ammunition [the German version of the American system M270 MLRS], seven self-propelled 155mm howitzers PzH 2000, and 30 mobile anti-aircraft 35mm systems Gepard SPAAG. previously announced the dispatch of Cheetah and PzH 2000, but it is unclear whether the three multiple rocket launchers are part of the promised four in Washington or a separate initiative from Germany.

GEPARD’s 35mm ammunition

The 30 GEPARD mobile airborne systems that Germany will send to Ukraine will be accompanied by 6,000 rounds of anti-aircraft ammunition. This is good news because until a month ago, Germany did not know how to solve the problem of the lack of this type of ammunition.

Spanish media reported in mid-April that Germany was urgently looking for 35mm ammunition from Brazil, Qatar, and Jordan: the countries that last bought the Gepard 1A2 SPAAG. “If Germany cannot solve this problem quickly, Ukraine will probably have to reject the proposal,” Andriy Melnik, Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany, said on April 27th.

Photo: Roberto Caiafa

Gepard SPAAG

This is an all-weather-capable German self-propelled anti-aircraft gun [SPAAG] at low altitude. It was developed on the chassis of the Leopard 1 tank and is equipped with 2×35 mm Oerlikon GDF autocannon, each with 320 rounds anti-air ammunition and 20 rounds anti-tank, 2 × quad 76mm smoke grenade dischargers.

Germany might deliver 35mm autocannon Gepard SPAAG to Ukraine
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Gepard, which has a fire control radar and a search radar, is designed to conduct air defense of troops at very close distances and altitudes. The system, which has been modernized many times before the 2000s, still functions in the inventory of many countries. The SPAAG is powered by 10-cylinder, 37,400 cc [2,280 cu in] MTU multi-fuel engine gives a power of 830 PS [819 hp, 610 kW].

The systems removed from the Bundeswehr inventory in 2010 are now in KMW’s warehouses. It is assumed that Gepards, which will be delivered to Ukraine, will be sent from the warehouses of KMW. KMW had previously offered to send its Gepards to Ukraine, but this offer was rejected by the German government.

About M270 MLRS

M270 Multiple Launch Rocket System [M270 MLRS / the German version is MARS] is an American-made armored, self-propelled, multiple rocket launcher. In 1983 he enlisted in the United States Army. A total of 20 other countries around the world continue to have or have had this missile system. Production of the M270 MLRS has already been discontinued and has not been produced since 2003.

The M270 MLRS was designed in 1977 by Lockheed Martin. There are also units manufactured in Europe by Diehl BGT Defense and Aérospatiale. It registered in three wars: the Gulf Wars, Afghanistan, and Iraq. There is no confirmed information, but Ukraine claims to have used the M270 MLRS in the war against Russia.

Germany sends to Ukraine 3 MARS MLRSs, 7 PzH 2000 SPHs, 30 GEPARDs
Photo credit: KMW

The system can fire 18 rockets in a minute – all 227mm caliber or 2 missiles in a minute. Depending on the modification of the projectile, the operational range of the system is different: from 32 to 70 km. However, the M270 MLRS can multiply the maximum range of damage at least three times if it uses the ATACMS surface-to-surface missile [SSM]: then it strikes at a distance of 165 to 300 km. If used by Lockheed Martin Precision Strike Missile [PsM] M270 MLRS strikes up to 499 km.

The M270 MLRS is powered by a Commins diesel engine. It provides the rocket launcher with 500 hp [373 kW]. 480 km is the maximum distance that the M270 MLRS travels with a fuel tank to the top, and the maximum speed it can develop reaches 64 km / h [39.8 mph].

155-mm PzH 2000

PzH-2000 is a 155-mm closed-type cannon chassis, built based on components and units of the “Leopard-2” tank. Additional weapons consist of a 7.62-mm MG-3 machine gun and eight smoke grenade launchers [2×4]. The machine carries 60 artillery shells, 48 ​​all-metal charges [six-segment], 2,000 machine guns, and 8 grenade launchers.

155mm PzH 2000 howitzers firing 10 rounds in 56 seconds go to Lithuania
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PzH 2000 is very suitable for the modern concept of war – from a great distance to hit the target with one volley and quickly leave the position. An automated fire control system helps to cover the target without shots, which directs the entire battery at once. PzH 2000 can fire three projectiles in 9 seconds or 10 in 56 seconds. Then the speed is from 10 to 13 shots per minute, depending on the heating of the barrel.

Range of firing with a standard NATO projectile L15A2 – 30 km. PzH 2000 holds the world record among 155 mm howitzers. At a test site in South Africa, she fired a specially designed V-LAP projectile, manufactured by the South African company Denel, 56 km away.


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