UK: Russian pilots use civil Garmin GPS devices in the cockpit

LONDON ($1=0.82 British Pounds) — An investigation into downed Russian planes and the interrogation of detained Russian pilots by Ukrainian forces in the ongoing war in Ukraine has revealed some facts that refute allegations and contradict statements made in recent years by the Russian Defense Ministry and the Kremlin. The claim about the use of modern navigation systems integrated into Russian fighters may be already in question.

Su-34 left engine caught fire in flight after being hit by a SAM
Photo: Wikipedia

DefenseBlog writes that an intercepted Russian pilot was interrogated on June 18. It contains civilian software products that can be purchased from almost any online store in the world. It is a Garmin navigator and a smartphone with Pronebo software.

The Ukrainian armed forces have other evidence, writes the Defense Blog. An attached Garmin GPS navigator was found in the cockpit during an investigation into a downed Russian plane. Information about the use of civilian software navigation devices is confirmed by a statement by the British Secretary of Defense, who said that “Russia records basic GPS devices on its fighter jets.”

Ben Wallace [UK’s defense minister] claims that Russian navigation equipment is in critical condition, forcing pilots to use “board-mounted” receivers. According to Wallace, the problem is rooted in the fact that Russia’s own navigation systems are of poor quality, not just airplanes.

A report by British intelligence clarifies why so far Russian pilots and their fighters have found it very difficult and rarely to enter Ukrainian lines. The reason is the conduct of air combat training in recent years, which was aimed at impressing the Russian high command, but not the development, play, and response to various scenarios.

The report says that all these missed opportunities are the reason why the Russian air force is not gaining air superiority in the air, confronting unfavorable and unreasonable risks, and concentrating forces in the use of main cruise and ballistic missiles.


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