Germany showed turret-independent 40mm 360° IFV secondary weapon

PARIS ($1= 0.96Euros)German defense and military manufacturer Rheinmetall presented its turret-independent 40mm 360 ° secondary weapon TSWA, part of the armament of the Puma infantry fighting vehicle [IFV], at the ongoing international defense and security exhibition Eurosatory in Paris.

Germany showed turret-independent 40mm 360° IFV secondary weapon
Photo credit: Twitter

TSWA is a complex configuration of melee weapons and optical systems. Its control is performed independently of the control of the vehicle or other weapon systems integrated into the Puma IVF, via a tablet. Typically for such secondary weapon systems in recent years, TSWA is also equipped with three types of targeting devices: day camera, thermal imaging, and laser rangefinder.

According to the German company, the secondary weapons system can operate with nearly 20 types of highly effective lethal or non-lethal weapons. An example of a non-lethal weapon is the TSWA’s ability to fire 18 grenades [irritant or flashbang]. These irritant or flashbang grenades can be fired around the vehicle in a 360-degree circle to protect the vehicle by providing a smokescreen during close combat.

At the same time, TSWA is capable of firing 40mm short-range grenades, also for close combat, which, according to Rheinmetall, are low-speed but accurate. The TSWA is air burst capable. It can program appropriate air burst ammunition so that it can engage targets behind the cover.

TSWA is a completely new secondary weapon. Designed and tested over the past year, Germany plans to equip its Puma IFVs with TSWA in 2023. Rheinmetall says TSWA is new firepower designed to respond to various threats. The German company believes that the new secondary weapons system will allow the Puma IVF crew to wage a combat-ready and effective war in a densely populated urban environment and in stabilization operations, but also across the entire operational spectrum.

Germany showed turret-independent 40mm 360° IFV secondary weapon
Photo credit: Wikipedia recalls that Puma is a main german infantry fighting vehicle. The vehicle was designed at the end of 2009 and has been officially in service in the German army since 2015, after passing a series of ground, software, and combat tests. 350 units have been produced so far and currently, only Germany operates them. In recent years, however, countries including the United States, Chile, Croatia, Australia, Canada, the Czech Republic, and Hungary have made inquiries to buy vehicles for infantry.

Overall, the TSWA will significantly improve the combat capability of the Puma IVF, which is still not small. The vehicle is equipped with 30 mm MK30-2 / ABM autocannon [400 rounds ready], 5.56 mm HK MG4 machine gun [to be replaced by the 7.62 mm MG5], and Spike LR anti-tank guided missile; 6-shot 76 mm grenade launcher. The Puma IVF is powered by an MTU V10 892 diesel engine that guarantees over 1,000 metric horsepower. The maximum speed it can develop while driving is 70 km / h, and if the fuel tank is loaded it travels a distance of 600 km.


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