6th-gen Spike was shown: fights swarm attack, quickly close STS loop

PARIS ($1=0.96 Euros) — One of the world’s largest companies in the defense business and production – Rafael Advanced Defense Systems showed at the International Exhibition of Defense and Security in Paris Eurosatory its latest 6th generation Spike NLOS missile. The international exhibition Eurosatory is held from June 13 to June 17.

Spike NLOS on the JLTV will fire through Lockheed's remote launcher
Photo: Pan.bg

The Israelis have revealed that their Spike NLOS missile hits enemy targets Non-Line of Sight, an agronomy NLOS used in the missile’s name, and more replaced by another agronomy BVR or beyond-visual-range. One of the most important advantages that have been revealed for the missile is that Spike NLOS uses new modern technologies that allow more quickly close the sensor-to-shooter [STS] loop and more efficiently neutralize swarm attacks from standoff ranges. Israeli company revealed that Spike NLOS improved overall battlefield survivability as a result.

Spike NLOS is known worldwide for some of its key advantages: high survivability, pinpoint accuracy at long ranges, operational flexibility, abortion mission capability after the fire, enables real-time surveillance, high hit / kill probability, minimal collateral damage, and last but not least low life-cycle cost.

So far, the range of the missile remains unchanged – 30 km, but there are tests in recent months that have proven that the missile is effective in hitting targets and just over 30 km. For example, last year an American AH-64E helicopter launched this missile at a distance of 32 km. According to an official statement from the Israeli company at the end of 2021, the next versions of the missile will have an increased range of up to 50 km. Its warhead can be different: heat, fragmentation, PBF, or PBF / F.

Russian Mi-17V5 helicopters are already armed with SPIKE ATGM
Photo credit: Lockheed Martin

Spike NLOS can be launched from land, sea, and air platforms providing critical real-time tactical information and damage assessment that allows you to refine targets and terminate missions in flight. Dozens of countries from different continents are already armed with Spike NLOS. The largest number of consumers is in Europe, which years ago forced the company to set up its production unit on the old continent – EuroSpike.

Spike NLOS is powered by a solid-propellant rocket, and the guidance system can be in different configurations: infrared homing – electro-optical [CCD, imaging infrared (IIR), or dual CCD / IIR], passive CCD, or dual CCD / IIR seeker. The detonating mechanism is a piezoelectric trigger. The missile system has an integrated optical sight with a magnification of 10 times.


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