Spain showed a 5.5kg light single-use 72mm CS70 rocket launcher

MADRID ($1=0.85 Euros) — The Spanish company Instalaza showed for the first time to the Spanish military its latest lightweight, compact, single-use rocket launcher CS70. CS70 is an anti-tank rocket 850 mm long and 72 mm caliber. Representatives of the Spanish Special Operations Command saw the system for the first time while visiting the Instalaza development center and laboratory at the San Gregorio National Training Center on the outskirts of Zaragoza.

Spain showed a 5.5kg light single-use 72mm CS70 grenade launcher

The Spanish online portal InfoDefensa says that the Ministry of Defense is looking for an opportunity to increase the combat capability and flexibility of Spanish troops and is interested in such hand-held rocket systems. For this reason, in addition to the CS70, the commanders-in-chief were acquainted with the capabilities and parameters of another representative of the anti-tank family of Instalaza – CS90.

Although the CS90 is larger than the CS70, they are from the same product group and share similar features. The CS70 is designed to provide greater flexibility and mobility in urban combat in special forces, rapid reaction units, or marines. The entire rocket system weighs only 5.5 kg, which according to InfoDefensa is the lightest in its class and caliber. The range is 350 meters and can pierce 300 mm armored steel.

Spain showed a 5.5kg light single-use 72mm CS70 missile launcher
Photo: Instalaza

Like any systems in its class, the CS70 consists of rear and front protective covers, a firing mechanism, an optical viewfinder cover, a launching tube, and an ammunition type description. The firing mechanism has an arming rod, safety button, safe / fire selector, and trigger. CS70 has an integrated 2x folding optical sight and night vision device VN-IR [thermal camera].

Instalaza defines the CS70 as a portable RPG device for small closed spaces, which, in addition to the manual, also can remotely fire the projectile. Its recoilless is <4 J. Although the CS70 is currently a disposable system, InfoDefensa writes that the company is ready to develop a reusable CS70.

Spanish experts say there is a possibility that the Spanish army will order new rocket-propelled grenade launcher soon. They still give preference to the CS90, but they may make the first order of the CS70. During their visit to Zaragoza, in addition to being familiar with the two defense systems, the Defense Ministry was allowed to conduct CS90 training firings with inert training munitions.


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