Turkey develops Atmaca AShM with a hybrid dual-seeker and VLS

ANKARA ($1=16.85 Turkish Liras) — Roketsan has Dual-Seeker and aims to develop versions of the Atmaca anti-ship missile [AShM] launched by VLS. Until today, various studies have been launched.

Turkey develops Atmaca AShM with a hybrid dual-seeker and VLS
Photo: Roketsan

According to sources in Turkey, Roketsan is continuing its research into the dual-search [hybrid seeker] and VLS configurations of the Atmaca anti-ship missile, which can be launched from vertical submarine launch systems. Roketsan has completed some important steps in the scope of these goals.

After delivering a standard Atmaca anti-ship missile with a radio frequency [RF] seeker to the Turkish Navy, the Turkish company Rocketsan continues to develop a domestic imaging infrared [IIR] seeker to be integrated into the missile, with plans for the company by the end of the 2022 year to start tests.

The Turkish company’s plans are to create a hybrid dual-seeker [IIR + RF] during the IIR development process for the Atmaca missile, which will ensure that the future anti-ship missile will provide high precision and accuracy in hitting enemy targets.

In parallel with the development of the hybrid seeker, Roketsan is developing a version of the rocket to be launched from a vertical submarine launch system. Sources in Turkey say one of the main goals is also to launch an anti-ship missile from a torpedo tube.

Atmaca anti-ship missile

The G / M project for guided missiles Atmaca was launched in 2009 to meet the needs of anti-ship missiles of the Turkish Navy Command with domestic and national resources.

In this context, the 250+ km anti-ship missile with active range radar head, developed under the main contractor Roketsan, was first launched by Migem TCG Kinalida [F-514] Corvette in November 2019, after extensive test activities. During this shooting test, Atmaca successfully hit a fixed target on the sea surface.

Turkey develops Atmaca AShM with a hybrid dual-seeker and VLS
Photo: Roketsan

During another test, conducted on June 18, 2021, the Atmaca missile was launched from the corvette Kinalida and for the first time hit a real ship’s target and the ship’s target sank.

The Atmaca anti-ship missile is to replace the 140-kilometer Harpoon anti-ship missile range [US] in the inventory of the Turkish Navy Command.


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