Spain sends retired Aspide SAMs Mach 4 and Leopard 2A4s to Ukraine

MADRID ($1=0.94 Euros) — The Spanish government has decided to send more heavy weapons to help Ukraine‘s armed forces. These will be the already retired Aspide surface-to-air missiles of the 1970s and the Leopard 2A4 tanks, which, however, will have to be repaired first. The information is published in the online portal InfoDefensa.

Spain sends retired Aspide SAMs Mach 4 and Leopard 2A4s to Ukraine
Photo: Wikipedia

According to the Spanish portal, which quotes El País, the Aspide anti-aircraft missile systems may soon end up in Ukraine. The Spanish Ministry of Defense is coordinating an advanced delivery procedure with Germany, and in particular the coordination headquarters in Stuttgart, the city from which each weapon is distributed to Ukraine. There is no official information on how many Aspide SAM units will be shipped.

This is not the case with sending Leopard 2A4 tanks. Spain has 53 units that have been stored for many years at the Casetas military base in Zaragoza. According to InfoDefensa sources, 40 units of these tanks should be repaired. This means that Spain will first repair the tanks, then launch a procedure to send them, which in turn means that the Spanish Leopard 2A4 in the next few weeks will not be able to take part in the war in Ukraine.

InfoDifensa writes that Madrid is ready to assist Kyiv in training Ukrainian soldiers to work with Aspide SAM and, if necessary, to work with Leopard 2A4.

About Aspide SAM

Spain sends retired Aspide SAMs Mach 4 and Leopard 2A4s to Ukraine
Photo: MBDA

Aspide SAM is an air-to-air or surface-to-air missile, depending on the launcher. It was designed in the early ’70s of the last century by the Italian company Selenia [now bought by MBDA], and in 1973 it was officially put into series production.

The missile has a medium range. If it is launched from a ground installation, the maximum range reaches 25 km, but if it is launched from a fighter aircraft, it can reach a range of 40 km. The warhead of the missile is 35 kg, but what is more impressive is the speed of such an old model missile – Mach 4. The missile weighs 220 kg and is over 3 meters long, with a diameter of 234 mm.

The missile was decommissioned in the Spanish army, but still, it’s original, or developed versions over the years have been in service in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, China, Greece, Italy, Kuwait, and others, a total of more than 20 countries.


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