German ship launched RBS-15 Mk3 AShM on ground target in Norway

OSLO ($1=9.38 Norwegian Krones) — The German navy announced that it had fired an RBS 15 Mk 3 anti-ship missile at a ground target, Defence24 writes. The RBS 15 Mk 3 missiles are used by German 130 corvettes, such as the Oldenburg unit, which is involved in this year’s missile launches. Until recently, the Germans used them only to counter surface targets far from shore “with the help of precision weapons of destruction.

German ship launched RBS-15 Mk3 AShM on ground target in Norway
Photo: SAAB AB

The shooting took place on a range in Norway, with the highest security measures. The route was, among other things, recognized by helicopters with thermal imaging cameras so that there was no threat to the population. During the flight, the missile with a maximum range of over 200 km repeatedly changes the direction of flight and altitude. This makes it difficult to counter the air defense attack of a potential adversary, but it is also possible to hide the position of the ship from which the missiles were fired.

The functionality of the RBS-15 Mk3 missiles and their carrier ships, tested in Norway, makes it possible to counter ground targets with known coordinates, such as missile launchers or infrastructure elements. As a rule, it is necessary to provide information on the purpose in advance from an external source, as such objects are outside the scope of the corvette’s own sensors. The relatively heavy, 200-kilogram warhead of this missile can be useful in the fight against ground targets.

German ship launched RBS-15 Mk3 AShM on ground target in Norway
Photo: Diehl

At this point, it is worth recalling that the Germans themselves decided to increase purchases of 130 corvettes and RBS 15 Mk 3 missiles after the outbreak of war in Ukraine. These ships, also armed with the RAM anti-missile system or 76 mm guns, also have a proven ability to counter ground targets at distances over 200 km.


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