Textron ARV-30 chose Kongsberg Protector RT20 remote turret

WASHINGTON — Last year [2021] Textron officially unveiled its Cottonmouth prototype [ARV-30] for the Marine Corps ’Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle program. Today [June 5] Twitter user Ronkainen wrote that Textron had chosen the ARV-30 weapon and the Kongsberg Protector RT20.

Textron shows Cottonmouth ARV armed with HERO loitering munitions
Photo: Textron

However, the choice of the remote weapon system may force Textron to seek a solution to integrate an anti-tank-guided missile system into the $ 6 million seven-seater prototypes of Textron. Ronkainen writes that Textron will most likely look for an external non-canisterized launcher or will be forced to change the weapon system with its older “brother” RT60, also manufactured by Kongsberg.

The Marine Corps’ Advanced Reconnaissance Vehicle program should replace the obsolete Light Armored Vehicle-25, which has been in use since the 1980s and is a product of General Dynamics. What the US Marines are looking for today from the participants in the program is a vehicle that includes a tethered unmanned aircraft system with auto-launch and retrieval and has an open architecture that will allow future upgrades.

Kongsberg Protector RT20

Kongsberg Protector RT20 is a weapon system whose armament gives a choice: XM813 or MK44 30 / 40mm Bushmaster Automatic Cannon. The weight of the whole system starts from 250 kg / 2700 lbs, and its integration into ARV-30 does not exceed the total weight of the vehicle set by the Marines – 18.5 tons.

Textron ARV-30 chose Kongsberg Protector RT20 remote turret
Photo: Kongsberg

Protector RT20 has a system for linkless ammunition feeding 2×75 ready rounds [all NATO standard or Super 40x180mm]. RT20 weapons can fire smoothly with programmable airburst ammunition. In addition to the main gun, the Protector RT20 is additionally armed with a 7.62mm caxial gun loaded with 200 ready rounds, and smoke grenades.

The RT20’s roof allows the additional installation of auxiliary weapons, such as the 12.7mm machine gun or, as already mentioned, 40mm anti-tank guided missile systems.

Surveillance and intelligence are solved by integrating thermal and day cameras, as well as a base rangefinder.

Loitering ammunition

In early May during The Modern-Day Marine 2022 which took place at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Washington, USA Textron showed it’s Cottonmouth armed with HERO loitering ammunition. HERO is a development of the American company UVision, which produces its ammunition in eight versions.

Textron shows Cottonmouth ARV armed with HERO loitering munitions
Photo: Twitter

HERO is a sensor-to-shooter. The purpose of such ammunition is rapid detection, localization, recognition, and air attack on targets on the battlefield. UVision has developed several systems for firing their stray ammunition: from the ground, from combat vehicles, and from air platforms. The HERO is controlled remotely by a communication system. The HERO is equipped with an electro-optical camera whose images are received by the command and control station.

Textron Cottonmouth ARV

Cottonmouth ARV is a next-generation amphibious purpose-built vehicle for the U.S. Marine Corps. Cottonmouth ARV was created with the idea of ​​having a well-armed reconnaissance vehicle. The manufacturer has integrated dozens of sensor systems to improve the functionality and combat capability of the vehicle, including a state-of-the-art electronic warfare system.

Cottonmouth ARV is built on a 6 × 6 chassis. The length of the reconnaissance amphibious vehicle is nearly 7 meters, is nearly 3 meters wide, and is exactly 3.09 meters high. The total mass of the Cottonmouth ARV is measured at 16.7 tons. Two crew members drove the Cottonmouth ARV, which could reach 105 km / h speed on the road and “swim” at a wave height of 1.21 meters [4 feet]. A total of five Marines can be transported by Cottonmouth ARV [this number does not include a crew of two].


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