US showed the next-gen 50mm XM913 cannon at Fort Myer, VA

WASHINGTON — The 50mm XM913 next-generation medium-caliber weapon was exhibited during the Twilight Tattoo military competition featuring ceremonial military units at JB Myer-Henderson Hall, Fort Myer, VA.

US showed the next-gen 50mm XM913 cannon at Fort Myer, VA
Phoot: Twitter

This is not the first presentation of the 50mm XM913. In 2019, the gun was presented to AUSA [Association of the United States Army], which is being held in Washington. The 50mm XM913 should become part of the armament of the next generation of US infantry armored vehicles. 50mm XM913 is a chain gun developed on the design of the Bushmaster III 35/50 and will have to deal with enemy armored vehicles, as well as unmanned combat aerial systems [UCAS].

The 50mm XM913 chain gun will be able to operate two types of artillery projectiles: XM1204 High Explosive Air Burst and XM1203 Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot with Trace.

XM1204 is a programmable artillery projectile. The 50mm XM913 operator will have three modes for its detonation. The first is when the projectile hits the target and explodes immediately, the second mode is with a hammering mode, ie. a projectile first drills a hole in the enemy’s armored vehicles and then explodes, and the third mode is to detonate above or near the target, but without hitting it directly.

As the name of the XM1203 [Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot with Trace] suggests, this artillery projectile has a pyrotechnic chemical that left a trail in the air during flight and impact, so the 50mm XM913 operator can track it all the way to the goal. The projectile itself is 50 mm in diameter, encasing a long thin dart, designed to pierce armored vehicles. A light “sabot” grips the barrel’s rifling, for the projectile gets the full power of the expanding gas.

US showed the next-gen 50mm XM913 cannon at Fort Myer, VA
Photo: Twitter

The 50mm XM913 gun has a barrel length of 117.7 inches [299 cm]. This may lead us to assume that this gun will have a fairly high initial speed, something in the range of 3000 – 3024 fps [914 – 925 mps].

The 50mm XM913 does not yet have exact characteristics, but following the progress in integrating new technological solutions into modern weapon systems and those currently being developed [next generation], it is assumed that the 50mm XM913 will have computer control and will be electrically powered, double projectile supply, optimized barrel, will have a double recoil system, link-less, closed bolt operation, etc.


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