China shows a ship launching swarms of reconnaissance drones

BEIJING ($1= Chinese Yuans) — By the end of 2022, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army fleet may acquire the first drone ship to launch swarms of ships, or “mother ship” for short. This is the ship Zhu Hai Yun, which according to Chinese sources is equipped with a semi-autonomous system and an operating system with artificial intelligence.

China shows a ship launching swarms of reconnaissance drones
Photo: Twitter

Zhu Hai Yun fired swarms of drones that “draw a three-dimensional dynamic observation”, returned the information to the mother ship, and thus Zhu Hai Yun obtained a three-dimensional picture of the region under study. It has not been confirmed, but most likely Zhu Hai Yun will also play the role of a command center, as its semi-autonomous mode allows collaboration and control of drones and submarines.

“The intelligent, unmanned ship will bring revolutionary changes to ocean surveillance,” said Chen Dake, director of the Guangdong Southern Marine Science and Engineering Laboratory.

Zhu Hai Yun was born on the drawing board a year ago in Guangzhou by engineers from Huangpu Wenchong Shipping Company. According to official distribution characteristics from Chinese sources, the ship is 290 feet [88 meters] long and about 20 feet [6 meters] high. The maximum speed that can be reached while sailing in open waters is 18 knots [33.3 kilometers / 20.7 miles per hour].

Chinese sources say the ship allows two modes of control: remotely from a coastal military base or manually on board surveillance.

Experts say Zhu Hai Yun’s “mother ship” is part of the Chinese navy’s greater ambition to develop naval military technology to target ships with ballistic capabilities. recalls that early in 2022, Beijing announced a second Type 055 ship, which has already conducted its first naval exercises.

At the same time, the threat of China’s military offensive in Taiwan continues to grow, especially since earlier this month satellite imagery showed the Chinese military building detailed models of a Taiwanese port and the location of Taiwanese ships there. It is common practice for China to conduct exercises thematically aimed at invading Taiwan using such models. reminds us that China has built a model of an American aircraft carrier in the desert.

U.S. aircraft carrier has appeared in the Chinese desert [photos]
Photo credit: Maxar


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