Ukraine gets German 127mm 994 m/s SAM for fast-moving targets

BERLIN ($1=0.94 Euros) — German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced that, in response to the requests of opposition parties and the Kyiv administration, Germany will provide Ukraine with an IRIS-T air defense system.

Ukraine gets German 127mm 994 m/s SAM for fast-moving targets

Scholz said that since the beginning of the Russian occupation of Germany, 15 million ammunition, 100,000 hand grenades, and more than 5,000 anti-tank mines have been delivered to Ukrainian forces.

He responded to the criticisms of the German government for not sending enough weapons to Ukraine, that his government made a major policy change to send larger and more effective weapons against Russian attacks. Scholz also announced that Germany will technically contribute to the M142 and M270 support packages announced by Biden.

It is stated by Ukrainian sources that Ukraine’s need for an air defense system like IRIS-T is around 10 batteries. It is not certain for now how many batteries the IRIS-T SLM systems to be delivered to Ukraine will cover, but it is said that Germany can send a battery for now. Experts say that the production of about ten batteries that Ukraine needs will take years.

About IRIS-T

IRIS-T is an infrared homing air-to-air or air-to-surface missile, which was created in Europe under the auspices of Germany and has the main goal of replacing the AIM-9 Sidewinder in service in NATO member countries from Europe. The missile entered service in 2005. Twelve countries are currently using the missile, with Hungary and South Korea also candidates. The missile is developed and manufactured jointly by Italy, Germany, Sweden, Greece, Norway, Spain.

IRIS-T fulfills the original plan of its creators and has much better performance than AIM-9 Sidewinder. For example, the IRIS-T has a range 5 to 8 times longer [25 km] than the AIM-9 Sidewinder. One of the interesting and important features of IRIS-T is the ability to make sharp 60-65 degree turns, achieved thanks to thrust vectoring and the possibility of LOAL.

The IRIS-T is able to intercept fast-moving and miniature targets, such as air-to-air / surface-to-air missiles and air-to-surface / surface-to-surface missiles and rockets, UAV / drones, and cruise missiles; to improve the probability of a direct hit, the missile is equipped with an active radar proximity sensor.

Ukraine gets German 127mm 994 m/s SAM for fast-moving targets IRIS-T SLM

The maximum flight speed of the IRIS-T is Mach 3. The rocket can fly at an altitude of 20,000 meters and after its launch from the launcher is powered by a solid-fuel rocket engine. Apart from the ground, the missile can be launched by Typhoon, Tornado, F-4, F-16, Gripen, F / A-18 fighters. The guidance system is Infrared homing and the warhead is HE / Fragmentation.


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