SAIC ARV with RT20 30mm lethality gun continues data collection

WASHINGTON — SAIC ARV, despite not being an official candidate for the USMC ACV competition, is still awarded a contract from the Office of Naval Research [ONR] and continues with data collection tests. has learned that SAIC ARV has passed [and continues to pass] some open-ocean tests.

SAIC ARV with RT20 39mm lethality gun continues data collection
Photo: Twitter

Sources say the prototype has already passed several important tests, including several kilometers in the Pacific Ocean, thus gathering very important data that show that this vehicle is perfectly suitable and excellent for landing operations. A similar opinion was expressed by the SAIC CEO a few days ago, while his company and SAIC ARV demonstrated the capabilities of the Modern Day Marine in Washington on May 10-12.

SAIC ARV is equipped with a Kongsberg RT20 turret. The RT20 has already won the hearts of the Marines after being selected to compete in the USMC ACV competition. RT20 has quite intriguing weapons: XM813 or MK44 30 / 40mm Bushmaster Automatic Cannon, linkless ammunition feeding [2×75 ready rounds], all NATO ammunition or Super 40x180mm programmable airburst ammunition, one 7.62mm caxial gun with 200 ready rounds, smoke grenades [customized to specific requirements], as well as one auxiliary weapon 12.7mm machine gun.

The RT20 turret is also equipped with several optical systems: a day vision camera, a thermal camera, and a laser rangefinder.

SAIC ARV with RT20 39mm lethality gun continues data collection
Photo: Twiter

SAIC ARV, according to the manufacturer, will be a radically different amphibious vehicle thanks to a new hybrid drive, new fire control systems, and significantly improved optical systems.

One of the main functions of SAIC ARV will be to act as a ground coordinator for large-scale military operations carried out on land, air, and sea. SAIC ARV can be a command center processing data from these three domains. SAIC says more than 20 subsystems will be integrated into the amphibious vehicle, which will provide the information gathered in a modern open systems architecture (MOSA) command and control system.

MOSA will raise awareness on the battlefield, the company said. The company confirms that the ground tests are being conducted at their Nevada car test center.


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