Russia sends urban TSFVs to Ukraine: 4 ATGMs, 2x30mm guns, 7.62mm MG

MOSCOW ($1=57.50 Russian Rubles) — Russia has decided to send to Ukraine one of its latest weapons developments – tank support fighting vehicle [TSFV], better known among weapons designers as the BMPT Terminator. Amateur video has shot a column of several TSFVs in Ukraine.

Terminator AFV with 30-mm autocannons entered service in Russia
Photo credit: Wikipedia

Analysts attribute the presence of TSFV in Ukraine to the unexpected outcome of the war. reminds us that from February until today Russia has lost a large number of weapons – ground and air. Russian T-72 tanks are not doing as expected. Anti-tank mines and anti-tank guided missiles are the most skillfully used Ukrainian weapons against Russian tanks.

The TSFV is designed to support tanks in urban areas. Russian experts say the TSFV is a product designed and developed from the mistakes made by the Russians during the Chechen war. TSFV is equipped with many weapons.

About TSFV

TSFV is a product of the Russian Uranvagonzavod – the same company that produces Russian tanks. It was designed at the beginning of the 21st century and came into use in 2011. Despite its short existence, the TSFV has registered participation in two conflicts: the civil war in Syria and the war in Iraq [Ukraine is the third in a row]. It is estimated that a total of 300 units of this weapon system have been produced so far.

Russia send urban TSFVs to Ukraine: 4 ATGMs, 2x30mm guns, 7.62mm MG
Photo: Wikipedia

TSFV Terminator weighs 48 tons, its length is 7.2 m [23 ft 7 in], the width is 3.37 m [11 ft 1 in] or 3.8 m [12 ft 6 in] and the height is 1.94 m [6 ft 4 in] or 3.44 m [11 ft 3 in]. It is managed by a five-member crew.

The Armor is built by a combination of composite armor, reactive armor, and steel. The main armament consists of four 130 mm Ataka-T GWS launchers, two 30 mm 2A42 autocannons [850 rounds], two 30 mm AG-17D [or two AGS-30 grenade launchers], and one 7.62 mm PKTM machine gun [2,000 rounds].

The V-92S2 diesel engine powers the TSFV Terminator, providing 1,000 horsepower. Although the vehicle is quite mobile, the maximum speed is about 60 km / h, and by refueling a tank can travel a maximum distance of 550 km.

The mission

The main mission of TSFV is to help major battle tanks in urban environments, relieve them of some of their responsibilities and reduce “stress” among the crew of the main battle tank. When in urban areas, each tank should have two TSFVs. If the battle is fought outside the city, the ratio is reversed: two tanks accept the protection of only one TSFV.

Role for 'Terminator': a new type of armored vehicle is being tested in Russia
Photo credit: Wikipedia

Russian experts believe that the TSFV is an infantry weapon system. TSFV can fire in urban and non-urban combat conditions with many weapons simultaneously. In this way, according to Russian experts, the combat capability of the main battle tank increases.


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