Blinding anti-satellite laser is serial-supplied to Russian troops

MOSCOW ($1=60.03 Russian Rubles) — Russia’s armed forces have begun receiving anti-satellite blinding laser weapons, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said in mid-May. According to Borissov, the weapon has a range of up to 1,500 km and can target enemy satellites. The weapon is called PERESVET.

Blinding anti-satellite laser is serial-supplied to Russian troops
Photo: Twitter

Borisov talks about the principle of operation of the laser. PERESVET can dazzle reconnaissance satellites and reconnaissance satellite systems by deactivating their electronics using laser radiation as they fly into orbit over Russian territory.

Exactly one year ago, announced that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation conducted tests on PERESVET. Then, on May 21, 2021, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that PERESVET had been tested in Syria, as well as other weapons in this category.

“Where else can you test weapons – in war. As much as we don’t want to, state tests, military tests, and army tests are, of course, good. What did Syria give us? I will tell you frankly that we encountered a huge number of unpleasant surprises. Dozens of new weapons and prototypes were simply removed and production stopped,” Sergei Shoigu said then.

Yuri Borissov also said that Russia understands that conventional weapons will be replaced soon and weapons based on laser or electromagnetic broadband systems will occupy the leading positions in national defense. Borissov spoke about PERESVET’s test in Syria, saying that a drone 5 km away had been “shot down” by a Russian laser.

Laser weapon PERESVET

Information about the system is classified. American journalist Logan Nay wrote an article in 2018 in which he said that Russia couldn’t create such a weapon. However, with Shoigu’s statement, the doubts have already been dispelled, and Moscow has managed to produce them.

The information is minimal for this laser system. According to some experts, this weapon consumes so much energy that its mobility is in question. Many experts suggest that Russia will use it primarily to guard military bases worldwide, dealing with unmanned aerial vehicles.

Blinding anti-satellite laser is serial-supplied to Russian troops
Photo: DefenseWebTV

Other experts suggest that PERESVET could be seen as a kind of anti-aircraft or anti-missile defense system. The third group of experts says that such a system works smoothly in good sunny weather, but fog, heavy rain, and clouds will not be helpful.

“Earlier, you remember, it was science fiction 20 years ago, with laser swords in science fiction movies, someone was fighting someone. Today, this is a reality, and these are the PERESVET complexes,” the Russian defense minister said in the interview.


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