US: MIM-104 Patriot SAMs face Russian aircraft over Ukraine

WASHINGTON — Ukraine will receive from the United States MIM-104 Patriot a surface-to-air missile [SAM] system, 18 155mm howitzers, 18 tactical vehicles to tow those howitzers, and three Hughes AN / TPQ-36 Firefinder weapon locating mobile radar systems. The information comes from the Belgian online portal Army Recognition, which quotes the Washington Post [WP].

THAAD successfully fired Patriot's PAC-3 MSE missile using AN/TPY-2
Photo credit: Lockheed Martin

The United States has approved a new $ 40 billion aid package for Ukraine, half of which is for weapons and weapons technology. WP says that the package for Ukraine also includes long-range artillery, not to mention whether these are the 18 155mm howitzers, or much-coveted ML2 M270 and HIMARS artillery weapon systems, as has already written.

WP also writes how the remaining funds from the total package of $ 40 billion will be redistributed: Ukraine will receive $ 8 billion in economic aid, $ 5 billion is earmarked for food aid and only $ 1 billion for Ukrainian refugees.

Since the beginning of the war, the United States has supplied the most weapons and weapons systems to help Ukraine’s armed forces. These include nearly 100,155mm howitzers, 200,000 artillery rounds, 1,400 Stinger anti-aircraft systems, about 5,000 Javelin anti-tank guided missile systems, 700 Switchblade tactical unmanned aerial systems, and much of the stockpile of Soviet-acquired weapons purchased after the fall of the Iron Curtain, including anti-aircraft missile systems such as the S-300.

MIM-104 Patriot SAM system

The MIM-104 Patriot SAM is the flagship of the US Air Defense. This system is one of the most exported from the United States in the world. Currently, 18 countries operate with Patriot, using various modifications and versions. He has been documented in several conflicts: the Gulf War, the Iraq War, the Syrian Civil War, and the conflict between Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

It was designed in 1969 by Raytheon, Hughes, and RCA. It is currently manufactured by Raytheon. One of the most common variants of the MIM-104 Patriot SAM is the PAC-2 version or better known as the MIM-104C [PAC-2].

This version of Patriot is actually an upgrade of the older version of PAC-1. This version of the air defense system has optimized radar search algorithms and is the first system in the Patriot family to use the MIM-104C or PAC-2 missile. These missiles are designed to withstand ballistic missiles. The PAC-2 missile has a changed size of the warhead and adjusted response time of the Doppler radar fuse.

Romania is Preparing to Buy a US Missile Defense System for USD 3.9 Billion
Photo credit: Wikipedia

The main difference between the MIM-104C [PAC-2] and the MIM-104D [PAC-2 / GEM] is again in the missile. The MIM-104D [PAC-2 / GEM] already operates improved missiles, better known as guidance enhanced missiles [GEM]. I.e the new missiles are significantly faster, a new low-noise search engine, and have higher performance. The basic idea is that GEM can detect targets with very low infrared signatures or low radar cross-sections.

Hughes AN / TPQ-36 radar

Hughes AN / TPQ-36 is a towed radar system. In the US Army, it is most often towed by an armored vehicle, and that is the Humvee. This radar was designed in the mid-70s of the last century. Manufactured by Northrop Grumman and ThalesRaytheonSystems. He is currently in service with the United States Army, the United States Marine Corps, the armies of Australia, Turkey, Portugal, Spain, and more recently the Ukrainian Army.

The radar is designed primarily to detect artillery fire: mortars, howitzers, and various missile launchers. The radar is static, ie. the radar antenna does not rotate while performing its duties, but allows manual repositioning or relocation if necessary. One of the key features of the Hughes AN / TPQ-36 is that it can operate in friendly fire mode.

Its maximum range is 15 miles [24 km] with an effective range of 11 miles [18 km] for artillery and 15 miles [24 km] for rockets. Its azimuth sector is 90 °. It operates in the X-band at 32 frequencies. Peak transmitted power is 23 kW, min. It features permanent storage for 99 targets, has a field exercise mode, and uses a digital data interface.

Hughes AN / TPQ-36 radar
Photo: / Flickr


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