UK may send 105mm gun, 155mm AS-90, WK450, Exactor ATGM to Ukraine

LONDON, ($1=0.80 British Pounds) — Ukraine is awaiting Britain’s decision on the next gunfight to increase the combat effectiveness of Ukraine’s armed forces. Official London said the United Kingdom was ready to provide heavy weapons to Ukraine’s armed forces.

UK may send 105mm gun, 155mm AS-90, WK450, Exactor ATGM to Ukraine
Photo: Thales / YouTube

The transfer of such weapons is planned as part of a new aid package of 1.3 billion pounds, approximately 1.62 billion US dollars. The British government announced that Vladimir Zelensky and Boris Johnson had a telephone conversation in which the British Prime Minister announced his intentions.

As before, the British Prime Minister has not named specific weapons systems, so has to speculate again on “the heavy precision artillery that Britain will donate”.

105mm L118 or 155mm AS-90 artillery?

Ukraine hopes to persuade London to provide Ukrainian artillery with 155mm AS-90 self-propelled howitzers. The problem is availability, as London also does not have sufficient quantities of this howitzer.

UK may send 105mm gun, 155mm AS-90, WK450, Exactor ATGM to Ukraine
Photo: YouTube

That’s why London is likely to send 105mm L118. L118 light gun is a 105 mm towed howitzer. It was developed by Great Britain, but in 1987 the production was stopped. The cannon fires 105 x 326mm R Separate loading charge and projectile at elevation −5.625 ° [−100 mils] to 70.3125 ° [1,250 mils]. The 105mm L118 can fire up to 8 artillery shells per minute at a muzzle velocity of 708 meters per second each. The maximum range is 20 km.

Drones and loitering ammunition

In the same telephone conversation between the two leaders mentioned by the British government, Boris Johnson also called for other weapons from unmanned aerial vehicles, again without specifics.

Ukraine would be happy to receive from the UK Exactor ATGM, which is actually the export name specifically for the island of the Spike UFO missile, manufactured by Raphael, Israel. However, London will have to ask permission from Jerusalem to make the transfer.

Watchkeeper WK450 is the other one that hopes to get Kyiv from London. This is an unmanned aerial vehicle [UAV] for all-weather, intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance [ISTAR]. The first flight took place in 2010. A relatively new unmanned aerial vehicle developed by the Israeli Elbit Hermes 450 drone.

UK may send 105mm gun, 155mm AS-90, WK450, Exactor ATGM to Ukraine
Photo: Thales

At the same time, any weapon from Britain will benefit Ukraine’s defense capabilities. And aid to London will not end with weapons alone. During the conversation, the heads of state focused on the opening of the important sea and land routes for the supply of Ukrainian grain stocks as soon as possible.


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